Meet the 7 girls on track at the RMC Grand Finals

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They are 7 and have different backgrounds: here in Bahrain to play their cards, learn, and aim high in the standings. For some, it's not their first time in the Final, and for others, it's a dream come true. Let's find out who the girls competing in this RMCGF.

Daniella Ore (PER) - DD2
17 years old, from Peru, is in her first GF even though she also got the ticket back in 2020, then canceled due to the pandemic. Her path in Rotax starts from Micro, then through Mini and Junior categories, finally reaching DD2, a category she loves for its single-seater feel. She has also tried F4 single-seaters yet and is set to compete in the Argentine Championship in 2024. Meanwhile, she's here in Bahrain to defend the honor of the 7 female drivers in the race.

Katrina Wing Thung (MAL) - JUNIOR
Katrina is in her second in a row final, having competed last year in Junior, where she also secured her ticket by winning the Asia Trophy. She adores Bahrain's track for its speed and thrives on the high level of competition. Despite being very young at just 13 years old, Katrina has a clear goal for her race: not just to qualify for the Final but to finish within the top 15 by Saturday night.

Imke Arts (NED) - DD2
Imke, at 27, considers herself almost too old for karting, but she isn't. Her story could resonate with many girls: she started at 15, which is late compared to the average, and now she's in her 12th year in Rotax categories, spending 8 years in DD2. "I started when single-gear karts had the front brake on the steering wheel," she amusingly recalls, "so I don't know what it's like to drive a kart that only brakes at the rear." Being present at the Grand Finals - this being her fourth - is a unique feeling for her because the opportunity to have so many on track, all on identical karts, is unparalleled in karting.

Frederique Lemieux (CAN) - E20
She's 15 years old, Canadian, small in size, but fears no one on the track despite it being her first Grand Final. She competes in the E20 category, Rotax electric-powered karts: "I am very light, so I have to add quite a bit of ballast - compared to Junior, where I raced until last year, or Senior where I usually compete. But with these karts, I have to say, I'm impressed by the power in acceleration; it's incredible." Less than a month ago, Frederique was in Las Vegas for another end-of-season classic: "Racing in Las Vegas was nice, but to be honest, these Grand Finals see drivers really coming from all over the world. In Las Vegas, after all, I raced with drivers I see all year round." Her stated goal for this first Grand Final is to have fun.

Ivonne Simeonova (AUT) - Junior
Ivonne, at 13, is in her second final (last year she participated in Minimax at Portimao) and is already a veteran of the Rotax Trophy. She loves the chance to measure herself equally with other drivers during the Finals because that's usually the question you ask yourself when racing: what if we all had the same equipment? Here at the Finals, "we're in this situation, and I really like it," she told us during a break between sessions. She inherited her passion for karting from her father, a former Bulgarian Karting Champion and F3 driver, and this year her goal is to make it to the Final on Saturday.

Haoxi Yu (CHN) - Junior
He's 13 years old and competes in the Junior category. Haoxi Yu raced a rental kart for the very first time in 2021, and just two years later, he's on the track competing in one of the most prestigious competitions of the year alongside drivers from all over the world. He won the Chinese Championship in Junior and absolutely loves karting; he enjoys the speed and believes karting contributes to his mental well-being. Her parents are starting a Go-kart track in China in these weeks and aren't with her. He exudes great energy when talking about his favorite sport and giving her all on the kart track. She doesn't think it's fair to miss school days for training during the week; he values school a lot, and this "racing vacation" week in Bahrain is an exception for her. Next year, she'll be racing in the Chinese Championship in Senior Max and expects a high level among the drivers. For the Final here, her goal is to make it to the Final and learn as much as possible.

Anais Orellana Ramos (CHI) - Micro
The youngest in the group is in MicroMax, 9-year-old Chilean Anais Orellana Ramos. A sweet girl who transforms on the track; she's in her fourth year of karting and is learning English. She got her ticket to Bahrain by winning the Micro Championship in Chile and is confident that achieving a top ten position is within her reach.

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