RMCGF track diary day 6: "Not the way I wanted it :( "

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The bitterness for not making it to the Final is profound. Expectations for this event were high, but like all single round Championships, unfortunately, it can bring unexpected setbacks, especially when trying to recover numerous positions.

It was the first year, the experience was unforgettable, and there will be more opportunities to make up for it. Today concludes my Diary at the 2023 Finals, I thank everyone who supported me, especially my mechanic, and Vroom Magazine for giving me the chance to write down a diary of my race, see you again at the 2024 Finals! (lp)

Today didn't start on the right foot... during the warm-up, I intended to try a chassis modification for the pre-final, the only session of the day, but unfortunately, after not even a lap, the gas pedal cable to the carburetor broke.
After this session, there was the drivers' parade, where we all were gathered by nations and took group photos both on the track and in the stands.
As the sun set, at 6:00 pm, the pre-final took place. Starting from P31, I had to gain as many positions as possible to make up for the earlier misfortune and enter the final.
From the starting lights, I began my comeback, which was hindered by a driver flipping right in front of me in the early stages of the race, but despite that, I managed to climb up to P19. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to reach the final, so my experience concludes with a bit of bitterness due to the various technical problems encountered these days. However, at the same time, I can't wait to get back on track for a new race, aiming to return to the top step of the podium!

Created by: abruno - 09/12/23

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