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Fifteen competitors will be guaranteed access to the Prodigy Week 2023 in Atlanta Motorsport Park

More and more often, we are seeing initiatives aimed at bringing together motorsport enthusiasts, especially virtual racing talents, with the real track. Starting with the two SimRacing trophies organized on Assetto Corsa by Vroom Karting Magazine in 2021 (Winter Trophy and Spring Trophy), continuing with the two editions of the Tillotson T4 Esports (2022 and 2023) on the rFactor 2 simulator, and now with this new initiative of “Racing Prodigy” called "Prodigy Racing League" in collaboration with "Street Kart Racing" which, although not exactly part of the motorsport simulation scene, still promotes bringing enthusiasts closer to the track through a tournament organized on the popular sim-cade for iOS Street Kart Racing.

Quoting the organizers:
"The racing league has been built to make motorsports more accessible using esports as the pathway to racing cars on real tracks. This greatly reduces the financial barriers to pursuing a career in motorsports, leveling the playing field and enabling millions to pursue their dreams."

Fifteen competitors (accessible for free to all iOS users) will be guaranteed access to the Prodigy Week 2023: an event organized by Racing Prodigy that will take place from October 30, 2023, to November 1 2023, at the "Atlanta Motorsport Park" circuit. During this event, virtual motorsport athletes who were awarded during Racing Prodigy events will have the opportunity to compete on track aboard Radical SR1s.

The tournament program includes four stages:
- Daily qualifications from July 1 2023, to July 22 2023.
- Heat races among the qualified participants from July 22 2023, to July 24 2023.
- Pre-Finals from July 24 2023, to July 26 2023.
- Finals from July 27 2023.

In addition to the 15 tickets to Prodigy Week 2023, the competition will also offer a complete driving simulation setup and numerous other prizes.

Regulation and registration

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