RMCGF, Track diary day 4: a difficult day

- On Track
Some technical problems and a bit of bad luck didn't allow me to qualify as I was hoping for, but everything is still open...

Today was an intense day which included qualifying and the first heat.
Since the morning I have had technical problems related to the engine, which we were unable to resolve in time.
Due to continuous gaps in the engine's output, I qualified 33rd in the group, a position from which I will start in all the heats.
For the first heat, we managed to solve the problem; in fact, I managed to recover 12 positions in 5 laps, however a driver had contact in front of me and to avoid the collision I was involved in an accident which forced me to retire.
Unfortunately, bad luck has put us in a difficult position for these grand finals, but I certainly won't give up and I will give my best to recover as many positions as possible and guarantee myself access to the final.



Stay tuned!
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