RMCGF track diary day 5: watchword 'comeback' 

- On Track
Starting from behind is always a lottery, and every comeback is a story in itself, but we give it a try until the very end

I ended my fifth day of racing with a bad taste in my mouth. Today I had two heats in which I had to recover as much as possible to guarantee access to the final. In the first heat, I managed to recover immediately, thanks to good speed from the start, and having only 10 laps each session, I knew I had to recover as soon as possible.
After passing the checkered flag, I recovered 14 positions to finish in P19. The second heat, however, didn't go as I expected. Starting from the back it's, always a lottery trying to overtake, and due to the compact trains of 7 karts lined up one after the other, I only managed to recover 5 positions to finish in P28.
Tomorrow, I have the superheat left to try to access the final and I will have to find a way to make a comeback as never seen before. I can't wait to give my best.



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