Kristaps Gasparovics (LVA) RMCGF 2022, the winners of the last edition

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While waiting to get into the heart of the 2023 competition, let's relive, together with the protagonists, the outcome of the last edition, held in Portimao, as reported in Vroom Magazine

Following the dream run of the talented Junior Tomass Stolcermanis in 2021, the fire has been burning in the Latvian team camp to bring another champion home from the Grand Finals. As it stood coming into the final, the second row start for Kristaps Gasparovics gave them hope. However, France’s Paul Louveau came with a plan and was virtually unbeatable since qualifying. His experience and momentum were his strength, until he met Martynas Tankevicius (LTU) in the final and started defending. As the Lithuanian went for the pass and they connected, Gasparovics was then the one he had to chase. It was Latvia all the way as the cheers could be heard from the hill; the French driver unable to beat him to the flag. Pace-setter Claudio Pagliarani (ITA) came from row 7 to P3 after an exciting Pre-final climbing 17 places. Fernando Guzzi (BRA) was 4th at his tenth Grand Finals and P5 Troy Bretherton (AUS) with the onboard camera. 

Kristaps Gasparovics  (LVA)

The week started really good with the speed and pace we had. I was at this track for the first time and from the first session I was within the top 6. And I want to add that I stopped racing in 2016, with my last race at the Rotax Grand Finals in Sarno, Italy in the DD2 youngster’s class. So this was a long time without racing. In the practice session and heat races I was testing options with setup because I wanted to find the best that suits me and to get as much information I could. The most important race is the final race, not practice or heat sessions, so you need to have the most information and the best setup for the final, where in counts the most. When I think about the emotions after the Grand Finals, it feels like if a long time ago I went to this mountain and started to go on this mountain journey, but didn’t get too high. And now after all this time, I have got to the top. It feels like a relief because I had it in my mind, set it as a goal to reach and in this same time, when I view it with the feelings of climbing that mountain, it is amazing. I really appreciate all the support from my family and friends, after the finish line and on the grandstand. To hear our national anthem was amazing! It’s even hard to put it into words.



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