Tillotson T4 ESPORTS: when SimRacing meets the real thing

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Tillotson have not only created a cost-effective category, but they have also developed the T4 ESPORTS platform where they hope to generate the flow of drivers from the SIM World into the sport of Karting

The company announced the launch of its T4 ESPORTS Series the week before the T4 World Cup event, and has been developed in association with KartSim and hosted on the RFactor2 platform.  In fact, the first sim competition was held prior to the T4 World Cup event and the victorious Joe Fowler won his place at the event proving the fantastic initiative from Tillotson to flow the drivers from SIM racing into real life competition has already begun. Fowler had a great experience at the T4 World Cup event and was very competitive finishing in 20th Position out of 36 drivers in the Main Final.
Tillotson plan to run many similar initiatives throughout the year to give more sim racers the opportunity to compete in the real thing!


Stay tuned!
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