RMCGF Track diary - Day 3: a wonderful track

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I was finally able to drive on this wonderful track with my DD2...

For the entire Grand Finals event the drivers receive a total of two sets of new tires, the first to do the 6 practice sessions and the second to do everything else, from qualifying to the race, so it is essential to manage them well each session. Yesterday I had two sessions, the first lasting 15 minutes in which I ran in and ran the last three laps, while in the second session, we started to experiment with changes to the setup. The gap to the top 20 was within two and a half tenths of the even group, so making even a single gear change mistake is out of the question.

Today from 3 pm onwards I took advantage of my three sessions to better familiarize myself with the circuit, technical but very fast, which I'm taking you to discover with me: after the starting straight a series of fast "S" curves begins which must be done almost completely flat out, and in which it is important to remain on the ideal line otherwise at those speeds you find yourself in oversteer in a blink of an eye.
Following that, an uphill braking zone takes you to a double right where you have to use every millimeter of the external curb to bring as much speed as possible into the small straight before the hairpin. That too is peculiar, given that you must make good use of the track without going beyond the track limits.
Then follows an uphill section which leads to a double right where you have to stay very tight and have a good positioning in the spiral to bring as much speed as possible into the small straight before the last chicane.
Here it is important to get the braking point right; otherwise, if you arrive too deep you will be penalized for the double right that follows to take you onto the main straight, and even there it is important to make good use of the outside of the track to have as much speed as possible.



Created by: cggiuliano - 06/12/23

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