CRG, the most titled karting brand in the world! 39 world titles reached, 11 in the category with the shift

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Max Verstappen heading to the victory in Varennes CIK-FIA KZ1 World Championship. (Ph. CRG Press)

CRG holds the absolute record of 39 titles won including World Championships and CIK-FIA World Cups and the new record of 11 world titles in the category with the shift. Another record broken is that of the youngest world champion ever in the highest category with the shift, as Max Verstappen obtained the title at 15 years and 357 days of age.

Lonato del Garda (Brescia). The success obtained in Varennes sur Allier (France) with Max Verstappen, gives CRG the record of CIK-FIA world titles won as the Italian firm won 39 World Championships and World Cups since its debut in 1984, when CRG entered in the sportive management of the legendary Kalì-Kart, the famous brand of ’70s, before the complete acquisition that came in 1986.

The new record of 39 world titles was obtained thanks to a strong team work that CRG accomplished once again in the World Championship recently held in Varennes, with the accurate preparation of all technical components and the synergistic support of drivers and mechanics that have always worked with one objective in mind, the only one that a great team like CRG has every time it gets on track: victory!

The updated version of the chassis Road Rebel – for many years now on top of national and international KF –  turned out to be very quick, well balanced and performing in every moment of the French weekend which put CRG drivers in the best possible condition to be protagonists in this important appointment – the most important one for the category with the shift.

11 TITLES WON IN THE CATEGORY WITH THE SHIFT.  Thanks to the most recent success obtained in KZ with Max Verstappen, CRG is currently holding another record as the Italian firm has won more world titles in the category with the shift than anyone else. In total the titles sum up to 11 including World Championships and World Cups, 10 of which in the highest category: another record figure for a constructor.

THE YOUNGEST CHAMPION: 15 YEARS AND 357 DAYS.  The victory obtained in Varennes last September 22nd brought another record to CRG and Max Verstappen. The son of former F1 driver Jos Verstappen – who prepares TM engines for Max – was born in Hasselt (Belgium) on September 30th 1997 which makes him the youngest driver ever winning the title of World Champion in the highest category with the shift at the age of 15 years and 357 days!

HUNTING THE GRAND SLAM. Max Verstappen and CRG won together five titles in this season as on top of the two titles of WSK Euro Series KZ1 and WSK Master Series KZ2 the winning duo secured also the titles of KF European Championship, KZ1 European Championship and the KZ World Championship. The last title of the season is still to be awarded: the KF World Championship in Bahrain next November 23rd. Max Verstappen and CRG are ready to hunt the grand slam of International Karting!


2103 KZ World Championship: Max Verstappen – Varennes sur Allier (F)
2012 KZ2 World Cup: Jordon Lennox-Lamb – Sarno (I)
2011 KZ1 World Cup: Jonathan Thonon – Genk (B)
2009 KZ1 World Cup: Jonathan Thonon – Sarno (I)
2008 KZ1 World Cup: Jonathan Thonon – Varennes sur Allier (F)
2007 KZ1 World Cup: Jonathan Thonon – Sarno (I)
1993 Formula C World Championship: Alessandro Piccini – Val Vibrata (I)
1992 Formula C World Championship: Danilo Rossi – Mariembourg (B)
1989 Formula C World Championship: Gianluca Giorgi – Olomouc (CZ)
1985 Formula C World Championship: Piermario Cantoni – Laval (F)
1984 Formula C World Championship: Gabriele Tarquini – Axamo (S)   

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27 September 2013


Press Release by: CRG - 30/09/13

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