Air Cooled 100cc: a fatal love

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It may (not) sound strange, but out here there are plenty of people who are in love with old 100cc engines. But why are they so attached to this kind of kart? We asked a few of them a few questions…

Easy, light, fast: three adjectives that describe the 100cc go-kart. These qualities, added to the fact that it’s cheaper than other karts made it a real kart. After more than twenty years since it was presented it is still one of the most popular karts, second only to the KZ.
If you’re thinking of buying a 100cc and you want to have the excitement of a real race there are championships dedicated to this type of kart: F100 Spirit of the 90s ( is one of them, and if you’re in Italy you can enter for the 100 Amateur, which is dedicated to this kind of kart. In the States there’s Fomula 100 Karting Series ( or the World Karting Association ( After the 100cc reunion in Lonato of the past November 4th (here is the article) a new event will take place in conjunction with the Trofeo South Garda Karting on May 21st: the KFA 100cc. This race foresees four categories: Pre2K, Pre95, Pre2K-plus, Pre95-plus where plus categories have a higher minimum weight. More info on their Facebook fan page

Anyway this is to say that 100cc karts haven’t died out. You just have to find a good kart and hit the track, here some stories of people having fun with those small rockets!

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