100 FSA vs OK Senior: the complete video of the track test will be online soon

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Sandro Marra and the 3 times World Champion Lorenzo Travisanutto took to the track exclusively for Vroom exchanging karts: a Formula Super A with a rotary valve engine (1997) and an OK Senior identical to those with which the reference World Championship is raced today for the non-shifter classes: we have seen (and heard) some good ones…..(fm)

Vroom is back on the track for a slightly out of the ordinary test: how many times in the paddock, on social media or at the circuit bar have we found ourselves regretting the good old days, complaining about modern karting. Because engines didn't have a rev limiter, because they were lighter, because there wasn't a rear bumper or simply because...we were younger. Within the 'technical' limits of what a comparison of this kind can be worth – there are many factors involved, above all contextual ones – we wanted to put it mainly on the level of the kart feeling because, as you will read in the July-August issue of our magazine and as you will see in the soon to be released video, a purely performance comparison would have left little chance for a fascinating kart that represents the technical evolution of 30 years ago. The sensations, obviously combined with the technical considerations, of two who knows a little of karting and who above all have fully experienced the two eras in comparison: the three times World Champion Lorenzo Travisanutto (two of the three titles in OK Senior) and Sandro Marra, who in the golden age was very close to become World Champion at least two between 1993 and 1999 and shared the tent of Mike Wilson's team for a long time as an official driver with a certain Fernando Alonso. Many interesting food for thought emerged from the kart exchange, because for us the purpose of this video, which you will be able to watch in a few days, accompanied by all the interviews, in full form on our YouTube channel, was not to decree the best among the two but, net of prejudices and simple nostalgia, to better understand the state of health of today's karting through a healthy look at the past, trying to understand what has perhaps improved, but also where our sport has lost its pieces and reminding us for the umpteenth time, if there were still a need, that this is the most beautiful sport in the world…


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