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The die has been cast: The big showdown of the Rotax MAX Challenge Germany and the RMC Cup Series took place in Wittgenborn on September 15th and 16th, 2023. Over 120 drivers travelled to the high Vogelsberg in Hesse and fought for the last points and trophies in late summer conditions. The final races of the popular single-brand kart racing series were exciting and without any major incidents, meaning that no fewer than 18 new champions and eight Rotax Grand Finals qualifiers could be celebrated in the evening.

Micro MAX & Mini MAX: Titles for Möhring, Becker and Cassarino

Henri Möhring (TB Racing Kart) left his mark on the Micros. The FA driver catapulted himself to victory in the Rotax Micro MAX with two wins and a second place, and not only won the title in the RMC Germany and the associated RMCGF ticket, but also secured overall victory in the Cup standings. The podium in the daily ranking was completed by Julian Dümmer (3G Racing), who was fastest in training, and Max Moor (C4-Racing).

In the older Mini MAX class, Niklas Cassarino (Nees Racing) took the day's victory and pushed Maxim Becker (C4-Racing) and Tobias Eckenstaler (FK) into the places of honour. In the end, the top two placed teams shared the championship titles: While Cassarino won the cup classification, Becker triumphed in the national classification. Both youngsters received a ticket for the Grand Finals.

Exciting title fights and new winners among the Juniors

With a nerve-racking performance and the necessary speed, Hannes Ueberfeldt (Kraft Motorsport) prevailed in the RMC Germany Junior MAX. In addition to the day's victory, which he achieved ahead of Rafael Baltzer (Beule-Kart Racing Team) and Adrian Roehr (Kraft Motorsport), he also won the championship title and the ticket for the RMC Grand Finals in Bahrain.

In the Cup Juniors, Louis Arnold (RTM Racing-Team Marggraf) stole the show from the competition: He set the best training time and turned it into an impressive double victory, which gave him first place in the daily ranking. However, the result played no role in the outcome of the championship. Louis Oliver Günther (Kraft Motorsport) came out on top here, having already been declared Cup champion ahead of time and making his senior debut in Wittgenborn. The overall victory in the national junior ranking of the RMC Cup Series went to Noah Janssen (Gillard).

Titles for Lee, Thiel and Lindloff in the Seniors

The final victories in the RMC Germany were shared by Luca Thiel (Kraft Motorsport), Zino Fahlke (Larea GT1 Racing) and Montego Maassen (Kraft Motorsport). However, none of the trio was able to claim the daily ranking; rather, Austin Lee (Tony Kart) prevailed with a consistent performance, which was ultimately rewarded with winning the Senior MAX title and qualifying for the RMC Grand Finals.

Luca Thiel also had reason to be happy, as he was able to record overall victory in the annual ranking of the national Seniors in the RMC Cup Series. In the equivalent of the Cup drivers, Henry Lindloff (RTM Racing-Team Marggraf) asserted himself as the new champion. In the daily ranking, however, he only managed fourth place. The day's victory went to the newly-crowned Junior Cup champion Louis Oliver Günther, who also demonstrated his skills among the seniors. Fabian Steding (Woik Motorsport) came second ahead of Finn Niklas Wollnik (RTM Racing-Team Marggraf).

DD2 Masters: Thum, Slevogt and Parnet top

Denis Thum left no stone unturned in the RMC Germany title fight: After taking pole position, he celebrated two victories and for tactical reasons decided not to start in the last race. This meant that the veteran was assured of overall victory and a ticket to the Grand Finals. Due to Thum's refusal to start, other drivers fought over the day's victory. In the end, Kai Honné (Woik Motorsport) won the last race in his guest start, but ended up behind Bastian Krapoth (FM Racing) in the daily standings, who was able to collect the most points of the weekend. Nico Grimm (Woik Motorsport) completed the day's podium in third place.

In the RMC Cup Series, Mark Slevogt (RTM Racing-Team Marggraf) celebrated a double victory ahead of Sebastian Hotzel and Stefan Müschke (both Kosmic), which also brought him triumph in the Cup Pilots' Championship. In the ranking of the national Masters drivers of the RMC Cup Series, Klaus Parnet (Nees Racing) was able to celebrate the championship trophy.

DD2: Dominant performance from Kraft Motorsport

The power motorsport entries Jannik Jakobs and Lukas Hartmann dictated the pace in the RMC Germany DD2 class. In the end, the two - led by Hartmann - celebrated a double victory for the team, while Tim Mika Metz (Woik Motorsport) was able to climb onto the podium in the day's ranking in third place. The victorious duo was also able to pop the corks in the championship: Jakobs won the title and his teammate crowned as runner-up. Both also qualified for the 2023 Grand Finals.

In third place, Alex Fielenbach completed the triumph for Kraft Motorsport. The Kosmic driver took overall victory in the national ranking of the RMC Cup Series. At the end of the Cup race, Jan Müller (Nees Racing) held his own with a one-two victory against his stablemate Alexander Seibt and Jan Eckstein (FM Racing). The championship was secured by Lucas Lippert (RTM Racing-Team Marggraf), who achieved fourth place in the daily standings in Wittgenborn.

T4 Series: Franke and Spenz win championship

The T4 Series Germany also took part in the supporting program of the RMC season finale. In the attractive 4-stroke entry-level series, Stefan Eckel took the day's victory in the Senior classification and relegated Nico Franke, for whom second place was enough to win the title, and Simon Nickert to the other positions. Junior day winner and champion was Mika Sprenz.

But with the last checkered flag of the year falling, the RMC season is not yet over. The RMCGF qualifiers do not have a winter break yet: From December 2nd to 9th, 2023, Hannes Ueberfeldt (Junior MAX), Austin Lee (Senior MAX), Denis Thum (DD2 Masters), Jannik Jakobs, Lukas Hartmann (both DD2), Maxim Becker, Niklas Cassarino (both Mini MAX), Henri Möhring (Micro MAX) and RMC organizer Andreas Matis (Rotax E20 Masters) will represent the German colours at the 23rd edition of the RMC Grand Finals in Bahrain, where they will compete with the best RMC drivers in the world.

Find more information and all results on the RMCG website:

Text & Photos – Timo Deck/Motorsport-xl

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