Three Sisters hosts Round 4 of the 2023 Ultimate Karting Championship

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This weekend the teams and drivers headed over to Wigan to compete in Round 4 of the 2023 Ultimate Karting Championship. The Three Sisters Circuit is a favourite amongst drivers and the track action did not disappoint. (Elliot Cunnington)

The first final of the day was the MicroMAX race led by Edward Haynes (RCE) on pole position with Kian Burnard (Zip Factory Team) alongside him in 2nd. Emerson MacAdnew-Uren (DHR) started in 3rd with Theo Bradshaw in 4th. Haynes retained the lead, but MacAdnew-Uren was eager to move up the order as quickly as possible as he looked to get past Burnard into turn 1. MacAdnew-Uren managed to get past Burnard but as he retook his line on the inside Riley Murro (Sam Pollitt Racing) was already there forcing Murro’s kart up onto two wheels and losing him 3rd place to Bradshaw. All of this gave Haynes a 1-second gap to MacAdnew-Uren in 2nd and Bradshaw in 3rd. Bradshaw continued to follow MacAdnew-Uren around while the pack behind of Murro, Burnard & Sebastien Leusch (Sam Pollitt Racing) started to close in. On lap 3 Murro re-took 3rd place whilst setting the fastest lap of the race as he pushed to close up behind MacAdnew-Uren. For the next few laps Murro & MacAdnew-Uren battled for 2nd place as Murro looked to have great pace. Then into turn 1 Murro made his move on MacAdnew-Uren which also allowed Burnard to move up into 3rd place. However, Burnard was not done yet. He pulled alongside Murro to take 2nd place from him which inspired MacAdnew-Uren to try something similar but contact again from these two drivers saw MacAdnew-Uren launch over the kerb with his kart taking off and bouncing along the grass. As he re-joined the track still out of control from the contact and hitting the kerb Murro had nowhere to go and both drivers span out of the race. All of this promoted Theo Bradshaw into 3rd place & Leusch into 4th.For the remainder of the race the podium order did not change and it was Edward Haynes who took the race win from Kian Burnard in 2nd place & Theo Bradshaw in 3rd.
Mini Inter
Charlie Woolfitt (Synergy Race Team) took pole position from Jacob Ashcroft (DHR) in 2ndm Daniel Minto (Hunter Motorsport) in 3rd & Thomas Hill (Zip Factory Team) in 4th. Off the line, Woolfitt retained the lead with Minto moving into 2nd & Ashcroft falling back into 3rd. As Woolfitt began to pull out a gap on second place Ashcroft was keen to get on with his race & into turn 1 on lap 2 he moved himself up into 2nd place. Woolfitt continued to extend his advantage over 2nd place setting 5 fastest laps in a row to lead the race by over 1 and a half seconds. Nobody could match the pace of Woolfiit and he managed to pull out a nearly 5-second lead over 2nd place. Ashcroft was also breaking away from the rest of the pack as the battle for 3rd place continued. Minto in 3rd, Hill in 4th & Charlie Vairy (ST Racing) in 5th. On the final lap, the race was stopped with a red flag due to an incident toward the back of the grid and with that, the race was called. With no time to restart the race Woolfitt won the race from Ashcroft in 2nd and Minto in 3rd however in post-race scrutineering Charlie Woolfitt was disqualified from the race for a noncompliance which promoted Ashcroft to the win, Minto moved up to second and Hill took third.

The largest grid of the weekend was headed up by Jack Hobson (Ultimate-R) who started the final from pole position. He was alongside Freddie Ingram (KR-Sport) in 2nd. Olly Stevens (DHR) started 3rd & Archie Buttle (KR-Sport) in 4th. A brilliant start from Ingram to take the lead around the outside of Hobson at turn 1.Hobson now followed by Stevens & Buttle were already half a second behind the race leader, Ingram & eager to get on with his race on lap 2 Stevens made the move on Hobson to take second place. At this point, Stevens started setting purple lap times and began a charge to catch Ingram in the lead. With 10 minutes to go Stevens hit the lead for the first time but Ingram was not done yet as just a few corners later he re-took the lead.
On the next lap, Ingram started to go defensive which allowed Stevens, Hobson & Buttle to catch up very closely behind. Meanwhile, Finn Leslie (Kato Motor Sport) was also starting to close in on the front 4, setting personal best lap times. With 8 minutes to go Stevens took the lead from Ingram again with Leslie also making up places & it was not long before he moved into 3rd place. With just under 6 minutes to go, Leslie caught up to the back of Ingram & Stevens and into turn 1 got the braking zone totally wrong as he ploughed into the back of Ingram & then into Stevens forcing all three leaders wide at the first corner. This promoted Hobson into the race lead with Buttle in 2nd, Jack West (KR-Sport) in 3rd, Lizzy Mentier (JDR) in 4th, Alex Cull (Guy Cunnington Racing) in 5th & Leslie now back into 6th. Ingram was now down in 8th & Stevens was now in 12th. Just one lap later Buttle took the opportunity to lead the race and overtook Hobson into turn 1. Meanwhile, the original leaders were on the fight back and it was only a few laps later that both Ingram & Leslie returned to the top 3. After more contact from Leslie with Mentier into turn 1 the stewards were not happy, and they issued Finn Leslie a black flag bringing his race to an early end. Ingram now in 2nd was very keen to retake the lead and pushed hard to close the gap & it was not long before Ingram re-took the lead from his teammate. Meanwhile, Mentier moved herself up into the final podium position after getting past West. On the final lap, Ingram led from Buttle, Mentier & West. Mentier was not done yet though as she got a great run off of the first couple of corners and tried to attack Buttle for 2nd place but a very aggressive defensive move from Buttle pushed Mentier down into 4t promoting West onto the podium. All this allowed Ingram to pull away from the rest of the pack to take the race win from his two teammates Buttle & West who started down in 11th place making up 9 places to finish 3rd.
However, a post-race penalty for Buttle pushed him down to 14th place which promoted Mentier to the podium. Also, a great race for Deacon Russell (Jaxx Motorsport) who made up 17 places in the final to finish 13th.

Honda GX200
Theo Bradshaw (Zip Factory Team) started the Honda GX200 final from pole position with Ryan White (LM Motorsport) alongside. Ollie Thomson (LM Motorsport) started 3rd with Andrew Sutherland (LM Motorsport) in 4th. A standing start saw 2nd place White with the best reactions to jump the pole sitter, Bradshaw off the line and take the lead of the race into turn 1 with Bradshaw & Thomson just behind. White continued to lead the race setting multiple fastest & person best lap times while Bradshaw followed very closely behind. The top three broke away from the rest of the pack and for 15 of the 16 laps, the three drivers continued in formation with White leading from Bradshaw & Thomson. However, in the final sector of the final lap, the gloves were off. Bradshaw dived down the inside with just 3 corners remaining to take the lead. He was also followed by Thomson. So after 15 laps in the lead White was now down in third. But Thomson had one final trick up his sleeve as Bradshaw ran slightly wide coming out of the penultimate corner he saw the opportunity and swooped up the inside of Bradshaw to take the lead of the race. The top three drivers crossed the line with just 0.048 seconds between them all. Ollie Thomson won the race from Theo Bradshaw & Ryan White.

After a very dramatic Super Heat earlier in the day Kai Hunter (DHR) took pole position with Pierson Bullock-Carter (Jaxx Motorsport) alongside in 2nd place. Jake Bate (Sam Pollitt Racing) started 3rd & Tristan Rennie (Privateer) started 4th. Off the line, Hunter retained the lead of the race from Bullock-Carter but a great start from Philip Rawson (Guy Cunnington Racing) saw him go around the outside from 6th into 3rd. Rennie was also close behind in 4th. The top 4 broke away from the rest of the grid & for the next 11 laps, they all remained in formation all setting very similar lap times until heartbreak for Rawson as his rear bumper bolt snapped losing him performance and receiving the technical flag bringing his race to an early end. This promoted Rennie into 3rd place 1.6 seconds away from Hunter in the race lead. The podium positions remained unchanged and a grand slam for Kai Hunter saw him take the race win with Pierson Bullock-Carter in second and Tristan Rennie in third.

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Media Credits: Stu Stretton Photography, Josh East Photography, Traction Media

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