What about taking the start of a 24 hours race in 2017?

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24 hours endurance races are becoming highly popular these days. And how to resist to these amazing races for passionate drivers?

These team races ensure great emotions for drivers of any levels, during which many parameters can make a difference: driving qualities, physical abilities, mental strength in the length of effort, team spirit and racing intelligence.
Racing a 24 hours is a must for all karting enthusiasts; and it is clear that today many SWS partner tracks offer attractive and competitive races around the globe. These races are a good occasion as well to appear closer to the top of the worldwide ranking of the SODI WORLD SERIES, and even to aim for a qualification for the Sodi World Finals (2016 Sodi World Finals Video) for the greatest teams of the ENDURANCE CUP category.
So save your dates… here are the main SWS ENDURANCE CUP races of 24 hours already planned for 2017:
BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT (Bahrain) –January 27th 2017
The Bahrain track has successfully created a reference race for the beginning of the year, firstly attracting local teams, and then many other teams for further afield. Registrations are already open for sur in the following categories: professional, nations & companies. More information will be accessible on the track’s SWS profile online.
MUSCAT SPEEDWAY (Oman) –March 17th 2017
This year again, the Omani track of MUSCAT SPEEDWAY will organize a 24 hours early in the season. This race is now quite famous in the Middle East and beyond and will get interest of any great teams who want to compete on the RT8 go-karts models.
OUEST KARTING (France) – April 1st 2017
The 24H Multikart SixOne races from the Circuit d’Essay do have the particularity of being organized with 4 different karts (by successive drawing of lots) and with 3 stops of the race for a total duration of 26h including the intermediary maintenance & checking times.  The format allows the best possible equity and retains the entire strategy of a long endurance race. Two categories are available: SPORT (2 to 6 drivers) on GT4R models (prepared 14cv engines with alfano) with individual 85kg ballast and GENTLEMEN (4 to 8 drivers) on RT8 390cc models with a collective ballast. New in 2017: the participation gives free access to a paint-ball tournament on the Friday previous to the race.
PISTA AZZURA (Italy) – April 1st 2017
The famous 24H JESOLO EUROCUP race will be organized by KCE Misanino in collaboration with Pista Azzura, near Venice. An exciting and popular race on SODI GT4R 390cc models. Teams can consist of 3 to 8 drivers, and important rewards will be granted to the podium leaders.
RAK TRACK (UAE) – April 14th 2017
For their second SWS season, the RAK TRACK invites all SWS teams to come discover one of the most exciting karting track in the Middle East. Racing will be on RX7 390cc go-karts and the 1.200m track will welcome up to 17 teams for this event.
RACING KART CORMEILLES (France) – April 29th 2017
The 19th edition of the 24h of RKC will take place on the week-end of the 29th and 30th of April 2017. The 1.200m track will be used in both directions, i.e. 2 different circuits! 390cc go-karts will be driven with individual ballast, regulated driving time… Finally, two different regulations are proposed for the two categories: SWS & Gentlemen, in order to satisfy both the leisure drivers and the most exigent competitors.
CIRCUITO DI POMPOSA (Italy) –May 20th 2017
2017 will be the year of the comeback for this historical SWS race which was created in 2013. This year, the event will be held in the sunny light of May 20th and will be a part of the global SWS ENDURANCE CUP calendar of Circuito Di Pomposa among other great races.
CIRCUIT DE MER (France) –June 10th 2017
The Circuit of Mer track now stands as one of the greatest 24h organizer with 2 event each year on 2 categories (RX250 and GT4R 390cc) with an average of 45 teams per race. The 24H Jean Pierre JAUSSAUD (4th edition) will take place in June 2017.
KARTLAND (France) – June 17th 2017
The first 24H of the year for KARTLAND will take place in June and, like last year, 2 go-karts models will be proposed on this race so that each team can be pleased : GTR 390cc and GT4 270cc. The drivers will enjoy the biggest track in France to fight during these 2 rounds of the clock.
LE MANS (France) – June 23th 2017
The mythical track of Le Mans will host this year again 2 races of 24 hours leisure karting with the SWS label. The first one will be organized on the Alain PROST track in the month of June.
KARTBAHN TENINGEN (Germany) – June 30th 2017
For the first time, a 24 hours go-kart SWS race will take place in Germany on the track of Teningen, which strats his first whole SWS season in 2017. The best german teams will surely be there, but this race, organized close to the french and swiss border, will also be interesting for teams from those nations and further beyond...
CIRCUIT D’OSONA (Spain) – July 2017
The exact date of this race will be known in January, but is will surely be the only 24 hours SWS ENDURANCE CUP RACE in Spain for the 2017 season. The international SWS teams are more than welcome to take part of this race in the two categories that will be open to drivers.
OUEST KARTING (France) – September 2nd 2017
Second race of the 24H Multikart SixOne, for which all details are given on the first race description.
CIRCUIT DE MER (France) – September 9th 2017
The 24H OPEN KART MER will be held in September on the basis of a similar regulation than the 24H JP Jaussaud organized in June on the same track (1.500m): individual weighting, time & speed reduced in the pitlane and a defined number of pitstops.
LE MANS (France) –Septembre 22th 2017
The second 24 hours leisure karting of Le Mans will this time take place on the International Circuit, and will probably be a highly challenging race in the second part of the season, when many teams will be fighting to the top positions of the international SWS ranking.
KARTLAND (France) –September 30th 2017
The ENDURANCE CUP on the KARTLAND track goes on in September with the second 24 hours race, still on the 1.600m track which has made the reputation of KARTLAND.
NEED FOR SPEED (Ukraine) – October 7th 2017
After a successful first edition in 2016, the Ukrainian track NEED FOR SPEED is highly motivated to welcome many new SWS teams on this new 24h race. Located close to Kiev, this race is a great occasion for teams from all countries to participate to a 24 hours race at a very competitive price and in the same time, to discover a new country and a new city.
DAYTONA (UK) – October 7th 2017
2017 will ring as the big come-back of 24 hours SWS racing on the British territory, with this amazing race organized by DAYTONA MILTON KEYNES. The Daytona team has made the demonstration of its will to welcome many international teams, by registering this race to the SWS ranking. Up to 12 teams will be able to take part to this great event.
DUBAI KARTDROME (UAE) – December 2017
The famous Dubai Kartdrome track will host again many SWS teams among the most competitive at the occasion of this race at the end of the season. For sure it will be one of the last occasions for many teams to win the last SWS points. The professionalism of the Emirati track is no longer to be proved and there is every reason to believe that this event will be much disputed.
The 2017 SWS season looks very exciting already with always more races of very high quality… No doubt some more races will also be added in this agenda in the coming weeks & months, so as always, keep posted & enjoy the Sodi World Series! 

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