Highlights 2022 – The FIA presents OK-N with many expectations

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For at least 25 years karting has been missing a promotional category. The absence of the Federations was compensated for for a long time, with good results, by the mono-brand trophies. Will the FIA be able to fill such a long gap?

They finally got there. 2022 was the year in which the FIA, in a concrete way, got its hand on the “hot potato” of the promotional categories. They put an engine at the center of the whole thing, called OK-N, which should bring the kids in the single-speed categories, those whose definition, now outdated (2016), refers to the concept of 'Original karting' i.e. no electric start system, ease of use and reliability with a particular eye to running costs. In essence, the purchase of a single engine, which can be modified as the boy grows, to make it more powerful and suitable for moving up a category without new purchase costs. Given that the idea does not appear all that new (these are the same assumptions on the basis of which, in 1997, Rotax launched its Rotax Max, with the global success that everyone can see today in many countries of the world), the fear that a little out of time remains, and 2023 will be a decisive year. As always, Italy is at the center of the project, the land of choice for world karting, and many are curious about it, with the incentive of participation in the World Cup, already scheduled for 2024 which it should drive. However, some organizational details and compromises – such as having included these classes in a private series with considerable costs such as the WSK give us food for thought – all while some single-brand stores, primarily the aforementioned RMC, are in excellent health and do not give the impression of fear so much the arrival of the new category.

For further details on OK-N: https://backend.fiakarting.com/sites/default/files/2022-07/FIA-Karting-OKN-presentation-dossier-vEN.pdf

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