2016 Sodi World Series Finals - Here the champions

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2016 Sodi World Series Finals are finished. A weekend of exciting races crowned new champions.


CG Racing Pro from UAE tops the competition winning on Team Swiss Pro and the 2015 champions Italian Pastina & Friends Veneto Corse. 



Kevin Caprasse tops once again in 2016 holding off an aggessive Simon Delvenne. Frenchmen Julien Azzopardi has to settle for third place, after a fierce battle for the second place. 



Matthew Luff is getting ready to pass in SWS Endurance, but for the moment he is the new 2016 Junior champion and he takes home the second title in a row. Behind his shoulders poleman Tom Delfosse has to settle for second, and Alex Connor steps on podium in third. 



Stay tuned!
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