Danilo Rossi: Karting has held up relatively well in 2013 in a difficult economic situation

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World Champion, founder of the chassis brand DR, and the DR Racing Team manager, Danilo Rossi reports on the season just ending.

"Everyone knows that the current economic conditions are particularly difficult. I find, however, that karting is pretty well off. It is certain that we need a better context to work more calmly. I hope it will happen soon.


This was the first year of collaboration between the CIK and the WSK Promotion for the organization of international events. This is a good thing, even though everything was not perfect. It takes time for this new cooperation to bear fruit. I trust Luca De Donno to take stock of the year and to improve aspects for 2014. The agreement between the CIK and the WSK to reduce the number of European races is going in the right direction. We need more space to work on Nationals markets which have declined in recent years.


Another positive note is the new engine certification issue. KF engines are now mechanically quite developed, reliable and efficient, so we can rely on the development of the competition with stable regulations. The level of drivers in general was excellent in 2013. Max Verstappen was ahead of everyone by winning in different categories, whatever the conditions. He really is a great Champion!


For the DR brand, we took 2013 European title with the Norwegian Emil Antonsen. It gives us great satisfaction to bring more drivers to the top of the rankings, although we would have liked to see Riccardo Negro better placed than fifth in the KZ2 World Championship at Varennes. He had a problem that we didn't understand when he was fighting for victory.


In a tense general atmosphere like the present, it is hoped that an economic improvement will soon come and we will work together in the same direction in the meantime.


Press Release by: FIA Karting - 04/02/14

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