Positive start with Modena Engines in Adria, while 7 drivers get tickets to the Grand Finals with our Rotax teams.

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Last weekend has been a triple challenge for DR Racing Kart, with our factory racing team taking part with 6 drivers in the WSK Final Cup in Adria to perform some preparation work with the junior drivers for the CIK World Championship in Bahrain, while working for the first time on the Modena engines in KZ since our newly signed commercial agreement. Meanwhile our Rotax teams have qualified 7 drivers so far to the grand finals through the Rotax Euro Challenge as well as the German, Austrian and Norwegian championships.

In Adria with Maximilian Paul and Moreno Di Silvestre we worked for the first time on our new Modena Engines in KZ2, showing great progress in the duration of the weekend, finishing a strong 5th and 6th place in the final. It’s a very encouraging start to ambitious engine project, in what we hope in the coming future will be a strong basis of our team in KZ2.

In the meantime with the junior drivers Justas Jonusis, Oscar Herencia, Alejandro Schimpf and Adrian Schimp we worked hard all week to prepare in the best way possible for the CIK World Championship that will take place an a month’s time in Bahrain. During most of the week’s practices we tested several solutions and run a very good pace, and while the final result didn’t reflect the speed, our lap times throughout Sunday were the same as the winner of the category.

While we were working in Adria, our partner teams were demonstrating the performance of our chassis in all levels of the Rotax scene, securing a few more tickets with the DR chassis for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals that will take place in Sarno in two weeks’ time. In detail, our official team for Rotax, VPDR has now secured 5 places in total, with Ferenc Kancsar finishing 3rd overall in DD2 in the Rotax Max Euro Challenge, Lucas Dunner winning the Junior title of the CEE Rotax Max Challenge Series, Mick Wishofer winning the DD2 and Felix Kotyk finishing second in the seniors in the Austrian Rotax Max Challenge, and Christopher Dreyspring winning the senior title in the German Rotax Max Challenge. To add to this, our Norwegian partner team secured two additional spots winning the senior title for the third time in a row with Ruben Kverkild and the first ever DD2 ticket from Norway with Nikolai Stien.

Now on to this weekend we are looking forward to some strong results in the Rotax International Open in Adria with VPDR competing with 5 drivers; Ferenc Kancsar, Lucas Dunner, Marius Rauer, Dennis Siemens and Glenn Rupp.

Press Release by: DR Racing Kart - 07/10/16

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