Terry Fullerton, more than 40 years experience in karting

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Eight time British Champion, four time European Champion and World Champion in 1973 against François Goldstein, the star of the 70s, the Briton Terry Fullerton is a key figure in the history of karting.

His fame erupted in the public eye with the release of the famous documentary about Ayrton Senna of Brazil where he said he was the best driver he ever met. Terry Fullerton never left karting after his racing career. A chassis manufacturer and team manager, he now coaches young karting hopefuls and regularly attends international competitions.


"The evolution of karting in the last ten years is quite strange," says Terry Fullerton. "Rotax Max has grown significantly while the CIK categories have suffered from economic problems and have seen their entries dwindle. This is a serious situation and we all feel concerned. Good decisions must be taken in the area of regulations, but I recognize that it is not easy.


"That said, today's young drivers are very good. They work well with the data acquisition systems, studying every corner, analyzing a large number of parameters, both for set-up and for driving. All this prepares them effectively for their move to cars. I do not think the races are rougher now than in my day. We only had to learn from our experiences and our mistakes, but today the teams watch over the behaviour of their drivers and tell them what they should avoid as they need to improve.


"Although the number of entries has decreased compared to the heyday of 100cc, CIK-FIA events are still the most prestigious. Nothing can compete with the level of a World Championship final like the one on in Bahrain. "


Press Release by: FIA Karting - 04/02/14

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