Bitter end for Gomez at the FIA World Championship: «We deserved this title»

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When the stakes are so high - a single race World Championship - you risk everything, and this is exactly the situation that saw Gomez and Turney as protagonists on Sunday, the last one then very unlucky in being involved in a scary accident. Some of the protagonists have their say, while the Vroom staff wishes Turney a quick recovery and a return to racing as soon as possible...

Gabriel Gomez (CRG) regarding the contact with Turney
«A week that ended in a very different way than we imagined. We had been working well for this final for two years, after various tests throughout the week we had a very strong pace. Unfortunately I didn't start well, losing a couple of positions, but I recovered from seventh. I then passed Joe Turney and what can I say... you can see everything about the accident in the video. I gave him space, but he closed me from the outside when he saw that he couldn't do anything anymore. He took me to the grass and we both went outside. Anyone who saw it knows well that it's not my fault. Indeed, when he saw that he couldn't win he decided to make this move. Everyone knew that this race was ours and we deserved it for all the work we had done all year. He had the space, but he decided to touch us wheel by wheel and obviously the result could only be this."
Andrea Todisco (CRG Team Manager) regarding the Turney-Gomez crash
«There is certainly a lot of pressure in the world championship final between first and second. There was an error in managing Turney's trajectory which left no room for Gomez who was on the inside. He then didn't pay attention to the restart and what happened happened."
Dino Chiesa (KR) regarding the Turney-Gomez crash
«It was an ordinary racing contact. I'll leave the details of who's at fault to others. They are both at fault because they lost the race and both are now sick. Obviously Joe is worse because he has a compound fracture of the fibula, with a large bruise and bleeding. However, he is fine and alert (according to Turney himself on his Instagram profile, surgery went well, editor's note). Joe had too much adrenaline in restarting when the race was already compromised. It's not even the fault of whoever hit him. However, Turney and Gomez are two very experienced drivers, but from what I saw in the video Turney was ahead of him in the corners, albeit on the outside. I don't think either of us wanted an ending like that, but it's happened now and we all need to look forward."

Photo Credits: Wafeproject / Manuela Nicoletti /Instagram


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