The OK World Championship heats up

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The final rush of the OK and OKJ world championship begins on Sunday morning at the Franciacorta Karting Track, the titled event that closes the Fia karting season.

An intense Saturday that started early and lasted almost until dusk with the heats. A challenging selection that saw the usual suspects come out into the open, those who have already made the difference this season.

OK– Starting with Nakamura Berta who, after the eighth time in qualifying, rose to the top thanks to four victories out of six heats disputed, a second and a third place.
René Lammers is second in the quali and in the provisional ranking, the fresh Dutch European champion confirms himself as the driver to beat. The Irishman Mac Laughlin also performed well, confirming himself among the fastest after the fourth time in qualifying, and precedes Gabriel Gomez expected in the final test after the unexpected finish at the European Championship and the Belgian Eyckmans. The first three rows of the two Super Heats line up those eligible to win the coveted title, the OK world championship.

After the heats, OKJ also presents some of the protagonists of the season at the top of the provisional ranking. Among these the Spaniard Costoya, the fastest in qualifying and first after the heats, preceding Saleh and Filippo Sala. Followed by the Belgian Van Langendonk and the surprise Cosma Cristofor. In the two Super Heats, other high-sounding names in the category are expected to emerge such as Martinese (11th), Ramaekers (13th), Wherrell (14th) and Antonov (15th), as well as the Finnish Pohjola, second fastest in qualifying, who came out battered after the heat finishing only 21st. The European champion Bondarev, 67th in qualifying, will also start from the 14th row in the Super Heats B grid.

Super Heats starting at 10:50 with OKJ

Finals at 3.15pm

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