World Championship at Franciacorta. Kirill Kutskov surprisingly wins the OK world championship. Dries Van Langendonk dominates the Junior final.

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At the Franciacorta Karting Track, there was a thrilling epilogue as far as the OK final is concerned, a hard-fought trophy that ended up in the hands of Kirill Kutskov on KR/Iame of the DPK Racing team. While in the OKJ the Belgian on Exprit/TM kart assisted by Forza Racing parades to the lead during the first lap and flies forward trimming more than 2 seconds to the Spaniard Costoya, the favorite on the eve of the race, and to the Swede Lindblom.

Instead, the decisive moment of the OK final is consumed on lap 10 (14 from the finish line): Gabriel Gomez on CRG, the fastest at that point (47"5), has just overtaken the outrider Turney, good at taking advantage on the first lap of the empasse between Nakamura and Mac Laughlin.  At the next corner, the British driver flanked the Brazilian of CRG...the two thus set out on the approach to the next corner that saw Gomez on the inside...both continued side by side with Turney closing Gomez, to cause the collision. The Briton then in an attempt to resume the race is hit on the right foot by the left rear wheel of Tunon's kart, falling painfully in the middle of the track, thus forcing the race direction to show the red flag for safety reasons.
The final then restarts with a haywire lineup with over ten drivers out including several protagonists, and before the finish line as many retire.
On the second start, Kutskov found himself in first position and held it until the finish line, ahead of Lammers and Nakamura, who were unable in 13 laps to approach the race leader... But the one with the most to complain about is definitely Gomez. This was his world.

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