The 2020 Rotax Grand Final has been cancelled due to Covid situation in Portugal

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Below are the official statements of the Rotax team:

Dear Rotax family - drivers, supporters, partners, fans!

the Portuguese Government just announced a hard lockdown for the whole country starting on January 15th, 2021, for the next two weeks minimum. We carefully reviewed all facts about the impact of the new situation. It is with a heavy heart that we now need to inform you that due to the even further increased health and safety risks, combined with the consequences of this Government decision in Portugal and the even further increased travel limitations worldwide it is impossible to hold the RMCGF 2020.

We are deeply sorry that we finally have to cancel this event. We know and fully respect that you all have been working hard - not only during the season when you fought for the tickets but also in the last weeks when you tried to organise the travel to Portugal facing challenges regarding flights, visa, etc. 

It is a very tough decision for Rotax, as we have done everything possible to organise this Grand Finals event and have already spent a huge amount of time, resources and money. However, with the aggravated Covid-19 situation, the consequences of the latest Portuguese Government decision and the travel restrictions we must put the well-being, health and safety of our customers, partners and staff first. So, the combination of all aspects leads to this force majeure situation, which makes it impossible to execute the event anymore.

We know that you would love to see a postponement of the RMCGF 2020 rather than a cancellation. However, the unpredictable development of the Covid-19 situation over the next months - also with the new virus variations - as well as the huge organizational efforts for this big event really make a feasible short-term shift of the date impossible. Every RMC Grand Finals event needs over a year of preparation to organise and bring all the equipment, people and services on site. Time, logistics and available team resources do not allow a postponement.

We hope for your understanding of this tough decision that has to be made due to the Covid-19 situation. Most importantly in these difficult days, please stay safe and healthy and we invite you to keep in touch within the ROTAX family.
Your Rotax Team

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