Court Trial for the disbarment of the Corberi

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Today (Thursday, January 14, 2021) the Federal Court of the Italian karting sports authority finally met to analyse the events that occurred on the South Garda Karting track in Lonato last October, namely the on-track fist fight which saw the Corberi, father and son, as protagonists.

Judgement was thus published on the official website of Aci Sport, which we have attached below. In practice, Luca and Marco Corberi were found guilty of the charges and so they will have their licenses suspended as driver, race officer and mechanic; as for the track, an agreement that at this time has not been officially revealed was considered satisfactory (there are rumors of a fine, but we will be able to be more precise soon.)

We'd like to point out that the sentence is a "proposal", but only because this sanction cannot be applied directly by the Court, but by the Sports Council, which however usually follows these decisions. We will see if the actions taken by the Italian sports authority will be considered satisfactory also by the international federation and what will be the possible repercussions on the activity of the international competitions that are usually run already on the Brescia track starting February.


Credits: MP/Vroom Archive


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