Felipe Massa: «The World Championship should give a positive image of kart racing»

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The FIA Karting President, Felipe Massa, in the interview given to the Federation returns to talk about the KZ World Championship, defending the image of karting.

Despite the weeks that have passed and the first measures that have already arrived, the events that happened in Lonato during the KZ and KZ2 World Championships continue to cause a sensation among insiders and all fans. The former Ferrari and F1 driver, Felipe Massa, as well as FIA Karting President, has come back to talk about what happened condemning what he saw as an act and action that is not part of the kart community. 
It's a description that makes you understand how a rare and unspeakable event like this leaves a trail for some time to follow. Massa expressed his opinion not only on this subject but also confirming the level of the 2020 season, well made so far despite the fear and the continuous fight against the COVID-19 that has characterized motorsport. Massa also observed at the FIA microphones how much uncertainty there is still in the 2021 calendar, in any case already confirmed but at the mercy of the events and developments of the virus. 
«It is important for the organisers and the ASNs to find out quickly whether their candidacy has been accepted, so that they can prepare themselves in the best possible way to host an FIA Karting Championship. Although the situation of Covid-19 is unfortunately not yet stabilised, we have to work for the future. The drivers want to keep racing, the factories and teams want to be able to work and have a future. The enthusiasm for karting remains strong. Of course it is difficult to predict the evolution of the pandemic and we can only hope for a rapid improvement of the situation. I am thinking in particular of the FIA Karting World Championship - OK & Junior in Brazil in October 2021. For Europeans, it is a long journey that must be planned in advance».
About Lonato... «What happened in Lonato was serious. A World Championship should give a positive image of karting. This type of event is contrary to the spirit of our sport. It is not an example for young people. I immediately wanted the FIA to talk about this subject and launch an investigation into these accidents. In Italy, ACI Sport has already taken the first sanctions. The CIK-FIA will also respond to these facts. In the end, I think it is important to congratulate the winning drivers in Italy in 2020 and to remember their names: the Frenchman Jérémy Iglesias (KZ), the Italian Simone Cunati (KZ2) and the American Connor Zilisch (Academy), not forgetting the Israeli Ariel Elkin, winner of the last round of the FIA Acadamy Trophy calendar».
«Karting is a fantastic sport, which can be practised at almost all ages, both as a recreational activity and at the highest levels. Some drivers have not had the chance to switch to cars or simply wanted to stay in karting. In the 125cc gearbox categories they have a great opportunity to express their talent. Several young karting promises will become professional drivers, but others have managed to achieve this status in karting. This is also very rewarding. The KZ final was very intense also thanks to these experienced drivers».

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