Anthony Abbasse: «Seeing people smile after a kart session reminds me how beautiful this sport is...»

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After saying goodbye to racing, at least for now, Anthony Abbasse has embarked on a new life, still in motorsport and equally demanding.

After the last great season in KZ, as always at the highest level, French driver Anthony Abbasse had stunned the paddock for his farewell to racing and embarked on a new career, managing his track in France, the Mecamax (Route de Challans 85340 Île d'Olonne, France).

After so many years in the world karting paddock, Abbasse has certainly not lost his desire for speed, remaining connected with the world that has given him so much and above all in training with what has always been his discipline, namely KZ. Recently, Anthony has shown on his social networks a great return to the track, for now only in training form. A way that the Frenchman himself defines as fundamental in order not to lose the feeling and cultivate that great talent with which he is gifted.

To our microphones, Abbasse specified how much he loves this sport even more by being in contact with people, without losing sight of his old colleagues...

- Anthony, we saw that you're back on track! How did you feel? Was it like last time?
«Yes just back on track to “stay on the beat”. I’m feel very tired after some laps, these remember me how the KZ are physical. The lap time are ok just I need more practice to be fast every laps. It’s like a professional football player who is retired he have the talent but he need to work hard to be at the level. But my goal at the moment are to stay on the beat to don’t forget how we can take pleasure to drive this amazing machine. I would like to thanks my old partners to join me on this adventure again: Sodikart/TM/Vrooam/Tillett/Newline».

- Are you following the kart season? For example the Lonato World Championship
«Yes for sure I follow the kart season especially the big races like Lonato World Cup. I was like a kid behind the screen and watch all my old friends, when Jeremy win the race I was like football supporter. I’m very proud of him, he is a good guy also his team deserve this tittle».

- Do you think that if motorsport was suspended the season would be cancelled? Even if there are only a few races left...
«Unfortunately yes we through a difficult period. This not a good season, but stay positive and prepare 2021!».

- How did you live this 2020? Tell us about your track
«My season was crazy... and big up and down with the Covid situation. But I do all of my possibility to take care of my company. At the end it’s a great experience. I win the first battle and now I’m ready for the war. My track are just 3km to the beach, it’s a great place to live, with a lot of people in summer season. It measure 870m, short for the racing kart but enough for the rental kart. I discover a new job, with a lot of responsability and work. But my pleasure are to see how people smile after a session of go kart, and remember me how this sport are nice»

Only the future will tell us if we will see Abbasse again soon in a race of the karting calendar, but, of course, the Vice World Champion will not detach himself from his world.

Photo: FIA Karting

Created by: scorradengo - 30/10/20

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