Ardigò and Novalak double win at 7 Laghi International circuit

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It was another day full of satisfaction for our colours, a day that closed the second round of the WSK Super Master Series in Castelletto di Branduzzo, held on the international 7 Laghi circuit.

We got the best result, with the victory in KZ2 (Ardigò) and KFJ (Novalak), completed also with the third position in KF class with Nielsen and the third position in KZ2 with Camponeschi. Such results, obtained at the 7 Laghi circuit, have come at the end of a hard work and difficult races, made even more challenging and spectacular thanks to the falling rain on Sunday.
KZ2. In the qualifyings we did not collect results up to our expectations. On a dry track Camponeschi had marked the sixth timing and Corberi’s performance was even worse, thirteenth position, and Ardigò’s seventeenth.
Such bad performance did not minimally affected the confidence of our staff, who had to work hard to better the next eliminatory heats.
Heats showed a net recovery of our drivers who, thanks to their reliable and competitive material, could recover in the rankings. Camponeschi has closed the two heats always in second position, gaining the front row of the "B" pre-final starting grid.
Ardigò has climbed up to ninth place, with 12 penalties, and jumped fifth in the "A" pre-final and Corberi started in sixth position in the "B" pre-final.
In the heats our drivers rose to the top and showed off winning timings, so much so that on two occasions, in three heats, Corberi and Ardigò signed the best lap.
The final day was entirely disputed in the rain, and already in the two pre-finals the top positions got coloured by the Tony Kart “green” colour, with Ardigò and Corberi taking the second row of the final starting grid. Camponeschi, also because of a difficult start in the wet track, was slightly delayed, relegated to twelfth place.
The final was exciting and saw our drivers always protagonists. The first half of the race Ardigò made the race very exciting, in the fight with the momentary leader Abbasse. The World Champion has followed until mid-race (10 laps) his rival, before showing off his ultimate the attack. After overtaking, Ardigò ran fast to the lead, gaining more than four seconds under the chequered flag.
If the second part of the race saw the solitary race of Ardigò, was Flavio Camponeschi who kept up the interest of the public. He ran with a formidable pace and from the tenth position, without hesitation, he reached the third position, of his teammate Corberi.
The third position has started the fight between two of our drivers, Camponeschi and the young driver Corberi, third position from the early stages of the race.
The great duel, all in the family, has ended a few meters from the chequered flag, with the podium of Camponeschi.
Ardigò, with the second success out of the two races, the WSK Super Master Series, leads the rankings with 170 points, ahead of Abbasse (120 points), Lennox-Lamb (79 points) and of the promising Corberi, fourth with 54 points. Camponeschi is fifth with 45 points.
KFJ. Like his teammate Marco Ardigò, even Clément Novalak, has hit a double win that puts him at the very top of the standings. Novalak won three out of four heats and led, impeccably, his pre-final (B). The final race gave many emotions to the young British talent and the whole Racing Team. The race started with the regime of "Slow", active for safety reasons, and saw Novalak escape to the lead, followed closely by Sargeant (FA Kart-Vortex of Ricky Flynn Motorsport).
The final has become addictive when Sargeant undermined, at the fourteenth lap, the leadership of our driver. The duel was tight and Novalak won it, able of taking the success and consolidating his leading position in the rankings.
The second round of the WSK Super Master will be archived with nine victories, out of ten, in the heats, for the chassis of our production. Added to these, are also the victories in both the pre-final and final. A success undoubtedly not to be forgotten.
Novalak (180 points) leads the championship with maximum points, ahead Sargeant (110 points) and Colombo (72 points).
KF. The exciting battle that from the beginning of the season sees our Nicklas Nielsen opposite to the "Blue" Kosmic Kart Racing driver Karol Basz took once more the scene.
Nielsen fought the pre-final, determined thanks to his two successes gained in the two heats, all in the dry track.
In "A" pre-final, Nielsen has fulfilled the prediction, dominating from the start to the finishing line and earning the top spot on the grid for the final.
In the second pre-final, won by Basz, our Marcus Armstrong got the sixth place.
The final saw us on the podium with Nielsen, always in the lead, but forced to surrender to the performance of the Kosmic Kart-Vortex chassis of Basz and Matteo Viganò.
Armstrong raced proving a very good feeling with his chassis on a wet track, to the point that he could reach in a few laps the fourth place. The tussle for the fourth place gave us Zealand driver a penalty that sent him back in eleventh position.
In the overall ranking is only Nielsen, with 130 points, the direct rival of the leader Basz. We should be aware that the growing system of allocation of points, will make the next two races still highly uncertain and open to different scenarios. 

Press Release by: Tony Kart - 23/03/15

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