Exemplary penalties at COTA

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At the last round of the Rotax Challenge of the Americas held in Sonoma on 13th March it was found at the post-race technical inspection that drivers were using illegal additives in their fuel. This led to exemplary penalties.

In an official statement, MaxSpeed Group, organizers of the event, denounced the wrongdoing.
"This is a problem that has plagued a variety of motorsports events throughout the world. MAXSpeed Group takes technical violations like this very seriously. The result of this person’s actions, who tampered with a competitor’s fuel, has been banned from any United States Rotax MAX Challenge events for the next 12 months and the two team managers have been put on probation for the next 12 months and will pay a fine."

In an attempt to clamp down on irregular and unsportive behaviour, the organizers issued a reminder of the illecit additives.
"Adding prohibited additives in the regulation is not an interpretation of the regulation, inattention or negligence, this is something done on purpose, clearly against the regulation. This is cheating and clearly a breaking of sportsmanship and the Rotax code of conduct. In addition, this put the health of the cheater, other drivers, technical inspectors and many others in danger.
The addition of chemicals in fuel exposes those who use the chemicals to personal injury, some of which may be immediate, and some with long-term effects.
USRMC Regulations prohibit the chemical treatment of fuel and tires for competition; our main concern is the health effects of exposure to such hazardous/toxic compounds.  Illegal chemicals can/do poison people.
Education of our competitors and officials is important. We encourage all of our competitors to communicate this concern and actively discourage the use of these chemicals, not simply because they are not permitted by regulation, but because they are hazardous. 
While there are others, here are some of the most common chemicals used by “Cheaters”: Benzene, Xylene and Acetone."


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