Modena Engines KK1 “officially approved”

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CIK-FIA sent an official written declaration stating the KK1 engine has been homologated with the plastic insert below the reed pack, and is conform to rules. But no other engine will be allowed to use the insert.

Its entry into the world of karting stirred many rumours: from all directions. We are talking about the 125 KK1 Modena Engine: in particular, some expressed doubts on whether the plastic insert below the reed pack was regular. All rumours that have up till now damaged the image and sales of this engine (anyone wanting to buy it would think that it could have been declared not conform to regulations at any time), this situation caused the manufacturing firm, Aspa, to get CIK-FIA approval. They have now had an official written declaration: the engine has been homologated with the insert, and is conform to rules.

To all this we can add an ironical aspect, seeing that this technical solution stirred so many comments; they have decided to propose a change in future regulations, not allow this artifice any more. In other words, no other engine will be able to use the insert, only the KK1, which has been homologated like this in the last homologation (valid until 2021).

Therefore, the KK1 will continue to mount the insert for another 9 years (and also after in classes where expired homologation is admitted) and it can benefit of all the relative advantages. These advantages concern improved thermal insulation and a chance (for tuners) to work on the reed pack without touching engine casing, therefore cheaper maintenance. 


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