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From Benik Kart Racing Team the new US Grand National champion in Micro class, ahead of his teammate James Egozi. That’s how the little champion is planning his adventure in the Old Continent.

National champion in the US Grand National and the SKUSA Pro Tour. How did you feel in fighting against your teammate for the crown?
Its always tough when you are on a team with such good talented drivers as everybody wants to win, but you also have a responsibility to help your teammates.  There were times when James and I worked together to our advantage, but in the end, its always every man for himself.
How is the relationship between you and him?
I feel like we have a strong relationship.  James and I have always raced hard, but clean as we respect each other.  I am sure we will work together during the Grand Finals.
Tell us: which aspects did you improve during this season, and which aspects should you improve?
I have really concentrated on learning to understand what the kart is doing.  When I come off the track, I am able to tell my mechanic what its doing and what I think it needs to be better.  There have been several big races this year that I have lost in the last few corners.  I need to improve my ability to keep the lead on the last lap when I have it.
How do you feel in representing your nation in Italy? Do you feel a lot of pressure?
Its very special and I can't wait.  But I do feel quit a bit of pressure.  I have had a long and very successful Micromax career and there is always an expectation for me to win.
Have you ever raced in Europe?
No I have not.  We are going to approach it the same as any other race we attend.  Focus on lines and learning passing zones quickly.
What do you expect from this experience?
I expect to have a lot of fun and learn a lot, but I also expect to win.  There are lot of things that can happen though, some in my control, a lot of others that are not, I just have to do my best.
Which are your plans for the next season?
I am not sure yet, we have a lot to think about.

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