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The US Grand National Micro class was a Benik Karts’ championship to loose: immediately behind championship winner LaRoque there is James Egozi who is ready to conclude an awesome season.

A win in the Florida Winter Tour in the second round at Ocala GP Circuit, a win and second place at ROK Cup Florida, 3rd place finish in round one of the US Open at NOLA then the second place in the Rotax Grand Nationals behind your teammate Diego, where the Benik team simply dominated. A great pace that led you to directly to Sarno…
Yes, it has been a great year! Lot's of fun winning and collecting beautiful trophies from around the Country. Team Benik helped me the first half of the year and I won my ticket to Sarno, Italy to the Rotax World Finals with the support of Team Koene USA on my Benik chassis.
Tell us: which aspects did you improve during this season, and which aspects should you improve?
I have improved on fast turns and slow corners. Also, from the beginning of the year up to now, I have worked hard to perfect my rolling starts. As one of the youngest drivers out there, I am always looking to improve in every area to make me a stronger competitor on track.
How do you feel in representing your nation in Italy? Do you feel a lot of pressure?
Representing USA is something very important to me. I feel no pressure in going to Italy and showing what my country is capable of doing. It is a big honor to be attending the Rotax World Finals at just 8 years old. Instead of pressure, I am full of excitement and joy, I want to show the world and prove to myself what I am made of.
Have you ever raced in Europe?
I have raced in Europe recently. I had the opportunity to race in the UK at PFI with Team Fusion. I believe this benefited me in many ways because I learned how aggressive racing over there can be. I was also able to experience driving a kart with different size tires than what I am used to back home. I feel like going to England was great practice because now I am more prepared to race drivers from other countries at the Rotax World Finals in Italy.
What do you expect from this experience?
I expect it to be a great one! It will make me a better driver to participate in this World Class Event. I know I will take away so much more than racing in the USA alone. Always pushing myself hard, I have high expectations of my end results.
Which are your plans for the next season?
My plans are to race in all major National and select International Events and of course to keep on collecting those trophies! I hope for next year to be in Mini Max going for the Rotax World Final Ticket all over again!

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