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"New Canadian Energy Kart importer unveils"

Gamebridge, Ontario - November 21, 2011 - The newest chassis and team presence in the Ontario karting market is please to announce the launch of their new website, As the official website of the Energy Kart Canadian importer, is the go-to source for all Energy Kart Canada information, as the new company embarks on a strategic plan for both their Gamebridge facility and their driver development program.
With all Energy Kart chassis and products information, Energy Team Canada and Energy League information, official news releases, extensive media section, location and track plans as well as future plans for an online store, the new site will give visitors, prospective team members, and Energy Kart customers instant access to a wealth of information and insight into the new business venture.
Recently announced plans from Energy Kart Canada include some exciting and unique ideas within the world of professional karting. Besides securing the Energy Kart chassis and product import rights for all of Canada, Energy Kart Canada has taken over the Gamebridge kart facility in Brechin, Ontario and has plans for redevelopment and resurgence for the track that was built in the 1980's. A professional-level karting team, Energy Team Canada, will see drivers compete at major North American and European events, starting with the 2012 Florida Winter Tour. A driver development plan is also part of Energy Kart Canada's repertoire, as drivers can partake in the Energy League, which represents the first level of their driver development ladder.
Working with Autosports Media Group on the design and development, the website features a rich, eye-catching design, easy navigation and all the latest news and information on Energy Kart Canada. The site also incorporates social media, keeping up with current online trends, and uses the most up-to-date advances in web development.
"Energy Canada is very pleased to announce the launch of our site, and we are very pleased with the efforts of Autosports Media, both on a personal and professional level," noted Energy Kart Canada's Ravinder Sanghera. "For both Jayson and myself, it's an absolute joy and great excitement with the real pleasure coming from seeing our product, our Team and our facility enjoyed by all."
"We are pleased with our site. We look forward to enjoying the upcoming Florida Winter Tour and 2012 Canadian Karting Championships, and look forward to meeting all race fans," added Energy Kart Canada's Jayson Nazario.
For more information on Energy Kart Canada, and to view their newly launched website, please visit

Press Release by: Energy - 22/11/11

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