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The three-time world champion, the pride of Italian karting, talks to Vroom in the forthcoming issue of the Magazine and explains what it means to be a "pro". Here, a preview of the interview you can read in full in Vroom International Magazine.

"...saying professional driver in Karting is not saying everything; very few drivers earn only by performing the role of driver, so often you have to reinvent yourself by performing other roles within the company you work for. In my case, having always had an excellent attitude towards children and a scholastic eye in terms of driving, I decided to dedicate myself to developing the drivers as a Driving Coach".

Lorenzo shared with us his vision of how karting is approached today:
"I’d like for karting to remain a purely father-son sport at least until the boy or girl has reached an age and maturity to be able to travel and have their own identity, developed together with their parents. Currently, it is clear that there is an extreme rush to forge ahead through the ranks; however, it’s clear that not having the same opportunities as others is a slight handicap that’s not easy if carried out over time and, thus, this desperate rush by everyone. I experienced, on my own skin, what it’s like to be a private driver with my father up to the age of 15; he developed me character-wise as a person and as a driver; that said, the important results clearly arrived when I joined official teams. I would like the entry barriers to be simpler but many things should be reviewed and it is not up to me to judge them now. On today’s Minikart, I too think that the speed and danger of the vehicle are a bit excessive; however, I believe that both the category and the circuits in which they race have raised the level and the skills required of these children".

And again, on the kids who (too) soon switch to cars:
"In my opinion, the departure from kart is purely a question of maturity; I think the international level in KZ or OK is higher than that found in most of the categories in the minor formulas; in fact, most of the drivers who are successful in the first end up staying in front in the various championships with and without open wheels, so I think it is an excellent school for those who still have to learn and improve, that is, I would say most of the drivers… The cases of young people really ready for the jump at 15 you count on the fingers of one hand".


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