How it’s made - Organizing a Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals

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Robert Baumgartner from Rotax explained us how to organize a RMC Grand Finals.
How it’s made - Organizing a Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

Together with BRP-Rotax we explain you the meaning of organizing a race for more than 300 drivers who come from the entire world. 

It’s like an orchestra: all have to be perfect to guarantee the best event possible.

Robert Baumgartner, Event Logistic and Marketing department at BRP-Rotax, explains us how to plan an event as the RMCGF.

«Being part of the organization team for the 20th anniversary of the RMC Grand Finals was a great pleasure for me».

«Generally, the planning for this event starts one year in advance, as there are a lot of details to be considered and as we are every year in another location, the RMC Grand Finals are always different to the one a year before.» 

«Finding a suitable location for the RMC Grand Finals needs some important considerations: first of all we have to check if there is enough space in the area for 360 drivers, 4 chassis partners, 150 people of the organization team, 2500 visitors, distributors and partners. Then we have a look at the walkways of the paddock, if there is enough space for a smooth and comfortable flow of the people. And we choose a location with stable weather conditions at the date of the event and the suitable infrastructure in the area». 

«Our team is split into 3 groups: a part of us is there for more than 3 weeks, preparing all the infrastructure needed, like internet connections and W-Lan hotspots, preparing the drivers tent, furniture etc…».

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