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The Piedmontese manufacturer presents two models of air filter for the new international class 60: the Kube and the Shark

In addition to frames and engines, for the new international class 60 desired by Cik, the related accessories have obviously also been homologated. Such as the new air filters (which also act as intake silencers) to be coupled to the Dell'Orto PHBG 18BS carburettor. In this regard, KG presented two airbox models: the Kube and the Shark. Developed to obtain benefits also in terms of performance, both have an internal volume at the limit of 2 liters, they are available in silver gray and can be equipped with rain protection, specifically designed to be quickly fixed by means of resistant polyurethane elastic bands.
The development on the test bench and on the track has been particularly curated, in collaboration with a "motorist", an engine tuner, in order to obtain an intake or suction flow that is as dynamic and "energetic" as possible compared to the previous models, without however disturbing the carburation.
In the end, after numerous prototypes and changes, these two forms were deliberated: the more square one of the Kube (homologated Cik 003-SI-12), the more rounded one that of the Shark (003-SI-78). The former allowed to obtain a more "neutral" behavior towards carburetion, while the latter is a bit more “pushed” towards the flow dynamics. Furthermore, the tapered shape of the Shark model allows the cylinder and the base to be less "shaded" with respect to the air flows for cooling, an aspect not to be underestimated in the 60 engines.
The recommended retail price list includes prices (net of VAT) of 39 euros for both airbox models, while the rain protection kit has a cost of 30 euros. For more info:

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