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The constant and relentless synergy between the OTK Group’s Research and Development Department and the Tony Kart Racing Team allows to give birth and develop new projects. In fact, Tony Kart has made the technological research one of its main key points, therefore it conceives, designs and manufacture products with higher quality and performance.


Both of our top range chassis have been further developed and optimized thanks to the new equipment adopted in the production line. The frames of both models have been ameliorated in the steering column support connection and in the front bumper connection.
OK models of 2017 will have a modified centre flange, forged with a new design to better accommodate the exhausts of OK and OKJ engines. The other components which our technical department have focused the attention on concern the throttle cable adjustment and the sprocket’s hub (with two screws).
OTK’s goal is to offer new products, with steadily increasing mechanical and technical performance, and among the most interesting news there is an advanced floor plate, whose thickness is 1.5 mm, and which chain guard support, is one-piece and made of a new lighter material.
The overall upgrade on the components and the spare parts mentioned above has also allowed to treat what is not easily visible, but of great substance, the weight. Today the RACER 401S and the KRYPTON 801S are lighter than their predecessors, so drivers can handle with the weight distribution even better.
The continuous evolution of each component could not but affect the braking system too, now equipped with a BSD caliper, forged in one-piece and able to guarantee greater rigidity, strength and performance stability.

KZ. The models reserved to the shifter categories are distinguished by a frame particularly designed to better suit the technical specifications of the powerful KZ engines. The frames of this category have now the seat support connections modified, to allow a better housing.
Among the most exciting and significant changes affecting the RACER 401S and KRYPTON 801S models reserved to KZ category, there is the clutch lever, totally new. Designed and manufacture to keep up with the steering wheel angle, optimizing its use in the demanding phases of the start. This was made possible thanks to an enhancement which allows you to adapt the clutch to different wheel hubs types. The new clutch thus allows to also use the hub of the inclined wheel, thus increasing the number of the driver’s driving position adjustments.

MINI. NEOS shows to have substantial changes, it is like a new model. The geometry of the frame is totally renovated and differ noticeably from the Rookie’s.
A key factor that makes the NEOS a very different model from its predecessors regards the many manufacturing process, as well as the design philosophy totally inspired by Tony Kart production’s top-model, the Racer 401S. So, this model is equipped with new brake hoses, high-grip steering wheel, new silencer connection, multi-hole bearings and throttle adjustment.
A separate chapter deserves NEOS braking system, called BSM2, equipped with a special brake pump, as a result of a new project.
That’s not all. This mini kart is equipped with new stub axles and new wheel hubs. In addition, the NEOS is equipped with aluminium AXJ wheels (110.145), featured by a new design developed by our R&D department.

The new chassis will be available from January 2017 the full gallery is available on our Facebook fan page

Press Release by: Tony Kart Racing Team - 21/12/16

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