New Generation: KE radiator is the ideal choice for winter!

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The KE Technology's New Generation is ideal also for the winter temperatures.
New Generation: KE radiator is the ideal choice for winter!

The "New Generation" radiator presented at the Adria Karting Expo last December 1, but already on the market since June 2019, was also designed to meet the needs related to the typical cold temperatures of winter.

We had already talked about the "New Generation" here; it is a product with reduced masses, an element that benefits weight distribution.

The 30 mm thickness and the greater proximity between the tubes increase the air intake by 8% compared to the past. The weight is also lower; there is talk of a documented 30% less weight. The new aluminum alloy also allows heat to be dissipated at low and medium speeds.

New Generation, different routes

Compared to usual designs, and bearing in mind that there is talk of a "double route", the "V-shaped" entrance was placed at the bottom so water is forced to rise, while the exit, again V-shaped, is designed so there is no residual fluid in the corners of the radiator.

Why is the New Generation okay in the cold?

We asked the owner of KE Technology, Marco Pagani, who answered us this way.

«Containing less water, the mass arrives at the desired temperature earlier. Let's take a practical example: a radiator from home, if it has a lot of water, takes a long time to heat up and to then also dissipate it. Finally, I'd like to emphasize that the type of aluminum is an alloy reserved especially for us, the result of substantial studies and investments by the property».

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