The new TM KZ10C piece by piece

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We are going to take a look at the different phases for taking apart the most commonly used engine in the gear class, which is made in Pesaro (I)

written by Maurizio Voltini. 

Not only considering the 125 gear class this is one of the most commonly used karting engines on a global level, we’re talking about the latest TM, the KZ10c; bearing in mind sales, it competes only with its predecessor, the KZ10b which has been on the market longer. They are two engines that have a lot in common: only a few details differ on the latest one and some internal machining aimed for improved performance delivery at lower revs (therefore more torque at low revs, to put it simply). They are also basically identical to disassemble, and this is exactly what we are going to do in this column, a step by step guide for anyone who would like to carry out simple maintenance for themselves. The sort of maintenance that doesn’t necessarily require a tuner (is not all that difficult to do, all you need are just a few specific tools) and it allows you to check and see that “everything” in your engine is ok. In our case we are “lucky” because the engine we are going to disassemble, is practically new, with only about fifteen litres of fuel used in it up to date; however there could be a case where there’s more wear that needs checking and keeping an eye on. So, let’s see what needs to be done to “open” an engine like a KZ10c.
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Created by: - 10/05/17

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