Vintage Travels with Max-Torque Jim: The Bud Hanna Classic Car and Karts Collection

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The Association’s second meeting of 2024 was slated for Thursday February 29, through Saturday March 2, at Jacksonville, Florida. All vintage karting interest now focused on Jacksonville. Before departing for Jacksonville, which by the way is a 2 day drive from Chicago, a call was made by Max-Torque Jim to arrange a visit to the Bud Hanna collection of vintage karts, mini-bikes and classic cars since the route to Jacksonville would pass close to Bud’s location. (Text and Photos:Frank Weir)

The Bud Hanna Classic Car and Karts Collection
Bud’s collection is located in Booneville, Mississippi, 9 hours driving time from Chicago. The facility occupies an expansive floor area. It is a private collection and many of the cars are driven regularly by Bud to his place of work at SCP Polymers where he is the CEO. Bud must have taken the advice given to Ben (Dustin Hoffman) in the movie The Graduate and got into plastics. Bud also farms a 100 head of Black Angus and is involved in dog rescue, currently kennelling 15 dogs.

Bud’s karts include 2 Banchi FKE karts circa 1967, one of which was the original Max-Torque Special driven by Don Surwall. That particular kart was restored for Bud by the late Harv Aschenbrenner the original designer and builder of the Banchi. The Hanna collection also has a 1963 Lightening Bug/McCulloch MC91’s, a couple of 1961 Simplex karts, a 1964 Dart Grand Prix, powered by Power Products AH82’s and another Rupp machine, a Dart wide hoop A-Bone with dual Homelite K100 motors circa 1961.  Against the back wall there was a nice dark blue Rupp Chaparral/McCulloch 101’s from the middle sixties. A 1961 McCulloch R1 ready to be fitted with rebuilt dual McCulloch MC49’s was located in the workshop area ready to undergoing a rear wheel repair. A Margay Concept/Komet enduro circa 1975 and a 1961 Hoffco Hurricane/West Bend 700’s added to the current vintage kart display. The collection also contained a fairly modern Margay/Leopard TAG kart which Bud enjoys taking for hot laps at a local track and as well there was a modern Briggs 206 powered sidewinder frame; both those karts were fitted with modern up to date plastics. 

Bud’s car collection has a replica of the yellow hot rod that was driven by the character John Milner      in the movie American Graffiti as well as other muscle cars. There were 3 sprint cars one of which was currently being made ready to be driven legally on the highway by wrapping the sides to make it look like an old Ford, fitting lights, turn indicators and brake lights. There was also a pristine1960 Ford Edsel in the collection as well as a 1970 Plymouth Superbird capable of speeds of 200 mph that helped Richard Petty clean up at NASCAR races before the car was outlawed. The interesting collection had many other muscle cars from the late sixties seventies era. A couple that could be recognized were a Pontiac GTO and a 1968 Plymouth Hemi GTX.

Jacksonville VKA Race Meeting

The Fenwick Brothers Vintage Kart Collection

Don Thompson Restorations 

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