Anatoly Khavalkin: «In Russia I gained confidence, I'm ready to return to the top»

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Forced by the Covid situation after last year's first big races, Anatoly Khavalkin raced in Russia preparing for his big comeback!

Last season presented obvious problems for many drivers from various countries who, like Anatoly Khavalkin, had started their year in Italy in the WSK international races, but were then forced to leave their country due to all the restrictions we had to face. The Russian had been the absolute protagonist of the first official outings of 2020, winning races and getting very important podiums, placing himself among the best in the 60 Mini category. 

It was a great derby between the Russian drivers, which saw Khavalkin becoming more and more a protagonist and above all elected as one of the best talents in the 60 Mini. After restrictions and forced quarantine, unfortunately the Russian driver was forced to compete at national level. A good stage for him, of course, which has not slowed down his growth process but rather given him even more confidence to aim to return among the big names during 2021, albeit in a different category...

- Anatoly, your start in 2020 was fantastic then unfortunately there was Covid...
«Yes, unfortunately with the arrival of COVID-19, the situation we experienced did not give us and other strong Russian drivers the opportunity to travel to Europe to participate in the competitions we had set out to».

- What competitions did you compete in in Russia? Did they help you improve?
«In Russia I managed to get 5th place overall out of more than 45 participants at the debut of the Russian Championship in OKJ. I can say that I also won one of the stages as well as Rotax Russian Grand Prix in RMJ class. Among the results I would also like to mention 3rd place overall at the Black Sea Cup in Sochi. Of course, all these competitions allowed me to gain confidence, gain experience and become physically stronger. All these results became possible with the participation of the Komarov racing team and coach Alexei Voronov».

- What differences do you find between karting in Russia and karting in Italy?
«The difference between racing in Italy and Russia is mainly in the number of drivers and the number of races held.  Of course, without European races, the progress of the driver is a bit slower. When you compete with the strongest drivers in the world, you become stronger yourself».

- Will you come back to Italy in 2021 to race in OKJ?
«Of course. I have a great desire to come to Italy for my European debut in the OKJ class, and keep fighting for victories!»

The recent story of Anatoly Khavalkin therefore fits perfectly into this historic moment we are living. A season that didn't go according to plan, but certainly started and ended in a winning way. For the future, let's talk about 2021.
Credits: WSK Gallery - Sportinphoto


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