BNL Karting Series first round at the circuit of Genk

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Two weeks ago the Belgian Max Challenge was the seasons’ opener at the track in Genk. It was the appetizer for the BNL Kick Off of this weekend. Over 150 drivers, including the European top drivers, were present at the venue at the Horensberg in Genk ready to battle for the win and the tickets for a free seasonal BNL Karting Series subscription.

Micro Max

The first final was an amazing fight from start to finish and the drivers all were very mature and fair in their battles. Rutten had the best start and took the lead straight away but Haanen regained first place a lap later. They swapped first place several times. The whole field stayed very close during the race. Lucas Schoenmakers got his part of the deal and moved on to second and closed the gap on Rutten. Up and over, victory was for Schoenmakers, Haanen was second and Rutten third. In race 2 Schoenmakers controled his race from beginning to end and got the victory with a huge gap on the second runner Patriks Locmelix. Kris Haanen took third place. 

Mini Max

In Mini Max Kobe Pauwels took pole without a problem. Mike van Vugt and Rick Bouthoorn got second and third place on the grid. Although Bouthoorn took the lead just after the start it finally was Pauwels that took the win without to much problems. Mike van Vugt took second before Luca Leistra who drove a strong ‘catch up’ race from P9 to P3. The second race was an other story. Pauwels took the lead but Mike van Vugt quickly passed him and Pauwels lost a few places. The battle went on in front all though Mike van Vugt was to quick for competetion. He won the race, Leistra was second and Bouthoorn third.

Junior MAX

In Junior class we had 38 drivers and it was a spectacle. Kenzo Aerts was quickest in qualification just in front of Leroy Jagesar followed by two rookies Ilian Bruynseels and Xavier Handsaeme. With a heavy start crash, luckely the only one of the day, the field was being mashed up but top 4 stayed unaltered. Leroy Jagesar took the lead and Bruynseels moved up to 3th. Handsaeme could not follow the leaders and lost a couple places. Bruynseels on the other hand drove as a rocket and battled for the lead. The Vici Motorsports driver took the lead several laps later but it was Leroy Jagesar that took the win in a hard fought battle. Lukas Dunner and Kenzo Aerts also passed Bruynseels in the last laps. Race 2 was packed with tension as the whole field stayed very close in front. It looked as if the first part of the race was a warming-up as what followed was a thriller with heavy fought duels and again Leroy Jagesar to take the checkered flag! Dunner and Aerts divided 2nd and 3rd. Bruynseels took the 4th place again but got penalised for pushing. His strong end result got abrogated by this but he certainly has proven himself.


The DD2 class got filled up again and the start promised to be well fought as some of the faster drivers got involved. There was not a lot of action but some overtakings were splendid. Kevin Lüdl took pole, Martin Mortensen P2 and Constantin Schöll 3rd. Lüdl won the first race, Mortensen came in 2nd and Schöll 3rd. Race 2 was more spectacular all though it was again Lüdl to take the lead. He drove away from Schöll and Mortensen. Mortensen took 2nd place in the next lap and after this the posistions would maintain fairly the same with the front runners. Schöll, whom regained 2nd place from Mortensen half course got him back in his neck looking to retake P2 in which he succeeded. Mick Wishofer closed up on the front runners and took 3rd place. In the DD2 Masters class it was Tamsin Germain who took the victory home to England. Dennis Kroes, who had a lot of problems on Saturday, was rewarded with a podium and also took home a trophy.

Senior MAX

In Senior class 50 drivers were eager to battle for the win. Even in qualification the top contenders were very close. Group 1 was obvious the quickest. The top 10 was generated from this group with Berkay Besler up front followed by Adrien Renaudin and Jonathan Hoggard. The heats were tough but fair and this was the same for the finale aswell. Besler took the lead but he wasn’t save for the victory yet. Van Parijs, Jewell, Kroes, Hoggard and Roovers all followed very closely. Hell broke loose when Hoggard attacked Besler! This wasn’t all accordingly and both needed to go wide. Van Parijs took the inside and took first place. He could benifit from the incident and took a couple of seconds. But Besler was on a roll, always braking late. He regained first position on Van Parijs with again a late braking action. It wasn’t over yet! In the last rounds of the race the pack in front got together again and sometimes they went three wide at the end of the start-finish straight. Defending your position wasn’t an option. It was just dealing with the situation as it occured. The six front runners drove into the second last corner all at the same time. Without any crashes it would be the last corner to determine the outcome of this finale. It finally was Johnattan Hoggard who won, Jewell was 2nd and Roovers 3rd. This was the final end result after the penalisations of the sporting comittee. 

Press Release by: BNL karting series - 30/03/16

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