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Vroom Women Awards - 2020

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For the second year in a row, Vroom presents the "Women Awards 2020", entirely dedicated to the best women in karting!

Thanks to the progress that motorsport faces year after year and especially thanks to recent projects, women's motorsport is gaining more and more space at international level. Not only in karting but in many other important categories, up to the W Series by FIA, the female movement has animated the whole season.

After the great success of last season with the victory of Natalia Balbo, Vroom has therefore decided to confirm this contest for 2020 as well, allowing its readers to vote on the web for the best karting girl of the past season. As usual for the Vroom Awards, our competition will take place via our international web platform.

We have therefore compiled a list of the main nominees drawn from the main FIA, ROTAX, Easykart, Iame international categories. For any names not present in our list of nominees, you will have the possibility to vote for your favourite as "Best Outsider" by writing "NAME and SURNAME" in the appropriate section.

So, with three votes per user, let's start the second edition of the Vroom Women Awards!


Natalia Balbo - Maya Weug - Julia Ayub - Hannah Lang - Belen Garcia - Lola Lovinfosse - Toni Naude - Cecilia Hedqvist - Freya Normann

Rotax MAX Euro Challenge
Mathilda Olsson, Eliska Babickova, Petra Babickova, Tereza Babickova, Emely De Heus, Luna Bloem

Easykart International Final
Giulia Bernardi, Erika Lavazza

International IAME Games
Luna Fluxa, Mathilda Olsson, Eliska Babickova, Tereza Babickova

This contest is over!

Credits: FIA Karting

Submissions for this form are closed.


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