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Vroom Awards - Driver of the Year 2020

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The year 2020 has reserved many surprises and too many chang-es. Among the things that cannot and must not change, there is of course the long-awaited appointment with Vroom's Driver of the Year Awards!

As is now the established practice, Vroom Karting Maga-zine offers readers and enthusiasts the chance to vote for the season's best driver.
A final "trophy" to close - in beauty - this strange but exciting season that will crown, as always, the driver who has most stood out and most represented the spirit of karting among our readers.

The possibility to vote will remain open for 4 days with a maximum of three total votes (up to three different drivers).

Vroom has established its list of candidates among the drivers who have distinguished themselves at the international-level CIK FIA and Rotax races.
However, we have left it up to you to vote for your favourite driv-er, even if he or she is not on our list. To vote the "unclassified" driver as #BestOutsider just write NAME and SURNAME in the dedicated space. 

So, don't delay. Vote today! And may the best driver win!
  • Jeremy Iglesias (KZ World Champion)
  • Marjin Kremers (KZ European Champion - 2nd KZ World Championship)
  • Bas Lammers (3rd KZ World Championship)
  • Jeremy Iglesias (World KZ Champion)
  • Simone Cunati (KZ2 International Super Cup Champion)
  • Giuseppe Palomba (2nd KZ2 International Super Cup)
  • Giacomo Pollini (3rd KZ2 International Super Cup)
  • Callum Bradshaw (OK World Champion)
  • JoeTurney (2nd OK World Championship)
  • Pedro Hiltbrand (3rd OK World Championship)
  • Freddie Slater (OKJ World Champion)
  • Tuuka Taponen (2nd OKJ World Championship)
  • Harry Burgoyne (3rd OKJ World Championship)
  • Andrea Kimi Antonelli (OK European Champion)
  • Ugo Ugochukwu (OKJ European Champion)
  • Viktor Gustavsson (KZ2 European Champion)
  • Connor Zilisch (FIA Academy Trophy Champion)
  • Kai Rillearts (RMCET Junior Max Champion)
  • Matilda Olsson (RMCET Senior Max Champion)
  • Xander Przybylak (RMCET DD2 Max Champion)
Credits: FM Images

Submissions for this form are closed.


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