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Vroom Awards - Driver of the Year 2021

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The big competitions of this 2022 are coming, but first we want to wrap up the 2021 practice by awarding the Vroom Award for the best driver according to our readers.
Driver of the Year 2021

As is now established practice, Vroom Karting Magazine offers readers and fans the chance to vote for the best driver of the season.
A "trophy" that this time will open the season and will crown, as always, the driver who has most distinguished himself and most represented the spirit of karting among our readers.

The possibility to vote will remain open for 4 days with a maximum of three votes in total (up to three different drivers). Please note that three votes given to one driver will count as one vote.

Vroom has drawn up its list of candidates from among the drivers who have distinguished themselves at FIA Karting and Rotax (Grand Final 2021) international level.
However, we have left it up to you to vote for your favourite driver, even if he is not on our list. To vote for the "unclassified" driver as #BestOutsider just write NAME and SURNAME in the dedicated space, other formulas will NOT be taken into account.

So, don't postpone. Vote today! And may the best driver win!
  • Tuukka Taponen (OK World Champion)
  • Kean Nakamura-Berta (OKJ World Champion)
  • Noah Milell (KZ World Champion)
  • Lorenzo Travisanutto (KZ2 Int. Super Cup Champion)
  • Andrea Kimi Antonelli (OK European Champion)
  • Freddie Slater (OKJ European Champion)
  • Riccardo Longhi (KZ European Champion)
  • Giacomo Pollini (KZ2 European Champion)
  • Maciej Gladysz (FIA Academy Trophy Champion)
  • Tomass Stolcermanis (Junior Rotax Grand Final ’21 Champion)
  • Mark Kimber (Senior Rotax Grand Final ’21 Champion)
  • Arata Endo (Mini Rotax Grand Final ’21 Champion)
  • Nikita Ljubimov (Micro Rotax Grand Final ’21 Champion)
  • Martijn Van Leeuwen (DD2 Rotax Grand Final ’21 Champion)
  • Morgan Riche (DD2 Master Rotax Grand Final ’21 Champion)
  • Oscar Pellemele (E20 Rotax Grand Final ’21 Champion)
Credits: Fotocar13

Submissions for this form are closed.

Created by: admin - 11/01/22

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