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Survey - Let's take back karting! Part II

- Survey
The best promotional kart for Amateurs

Don't think that Vroom has eased up on trying to redefine the basics of karting: after probing the ground with the first part of our survey, we're back from the office to ask you to help us better define, specifically, what features the ideal kart ought to have, let's call it: "Kart Zero".
Because if, as emerged in the first part of the survey, the beginning of cost reductions can start from a different philosophy as regards tires, it's also true that regulatory stakes must be defined so that the races are not some Wild West of Racing that one has often happened to see in different countries.
So we ask you now to better define what type of vehicle the adult amateur or recreational driver should take to the track, whether he or she is a return kart driver who maybe competed in his or her youth and wants to return to the track; or, instead, a new would-be driver or fan, who is not satisfied with doing a few rental laps on a Friday evening.

A premise, which we ask you to take into account while you answer: we are not referring to the many brand trophies that - with more or less success - have alternated over the years.
Our idea of ​​'popular' karting, of the people, is linked to general principles of competitiveness and performance and what we would like to profile via a democratic method is an ideal kart, a "conceptual" category, whose identity is more technical than commercial at this stage.



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