Super-fast record lap for Fuoco in Sarno

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Antonio Fuoco, aka Speedy, stopped a super-fast record lap – beating De Vries’ record of 2009 – during the qualifying session of the Coppa Concorrente in Sarno on 4th September, the event organized in preparation for the World Cup for KF3 that will be held on the Italian circuit on 18th September.

Fuoco (Tony Kart/Vortex) stopped 1’06”838 lap, 4 hundredths of second faster than the World Champion’s record (1’06”879) set in the 2009 World Cup for KF3 qualifying practice. The weather is typical of this season, with air temperatures between 25-32°C (with peaks of 34°C), humidity at 52% average, and an average track temperature of 37°C.

KF1 - Flavio Camponeshi (Tony/Vortex/Vega) WSK 2011 - 1'05"104
KF2 - Jakub Dalewsky (Birel/BmB/Vega) WSK 2011 - 1'05"480
KF3 - Antonio Fuoco (Tony/Vortex/Vega) Coppa Concorrente 2011 - 1'06"838
KZ1 - Jonathan Thonon (Crg/Maxter/Dunlop) WSK 2011 - 1'03"334


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