World Title for Thonon and 7 podiums for CRG at Genk!

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At the end of a summer period that CRG used to add the finishing touches to the preparation of its karts, the Italian make was ready for its return to Belgium. Jonathan Thonon (CRG-Maxter) triumphed for the 4th time at the World Cup for KZ1, while his team mate Davide Forè took the third place.

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At the World Cup for KZ2 too there were two CRG drivers who climbed on to the podium, with Yard Pex and Fabian Federer in second and third place respectively. As for the Tiene-Lennox Lamb duo in KF1, they conquered as many as three top 3 places for their team! Black, the colour so much liked by CRG Company, has been undoubtedly the dominant colour at this 2011 major world event…

KZ1: 4th Word Cup in 5 Years!
From timed qualifying to the final race, CRG drivers constantly maintained the leadership in the most important category of world karting. Davide Forè took pole position ahead of Arnaud Kozlinski, proving the qualities of both the Maxter engines prepared by engine tune-up specialist Tec-Sav and of those coming directly from the Maxter factory workshops. These two drivers maintained what they had gained at the end of the qualifying heats. Affected by rain, this time the pre-final saw the domination of another CRG-Maxter, driven by a Jonathan Thonon in full progression.
But some squabbling in the pack pushed Thonon and Forè back to 5th and 6th respectively after the second lap of the final. But at the end of a race of rare intensity, Thonon took the lead a few bends before the finish line and conquered a new world title for CRG. "It is a moment of great pride for the whole team and for all those who worked in the factory to improve our karts. We are very satisfied with this new world title for Thonon, as well as with Forè's 3rd place and Kozlinski's 5th position", a CRG team member commented.

KZ2: 2 CRG Karts on the Podium
Composed by several private drivers, division 2 of 125cc gearbox kart class showed more than ever the quality of the chassis and engines manufactured by CRG and Maxter. Results of the final race speak for themselves for this reference material for KZ: CRG was the best represented make, with 6 chassis that qualified for the final phase, including four in the top 6 and two on the podium. An extraordinary achievement! Without the gearbox problem suffered by Torsellini and a crash for Federer, the title would have been within their reach. These two drivers also brilliantly climbed to third and sixth place respectively, with a best lap for the latter. Finally, the best result was achieved by Yard Pex (CRG-Maxter/Tec-Sav), who fought his way up from eighth to second. Ranked fourth, Kristijan Habulin also contributed to this fantastic CRG group achievement in KZ2.

KF1: Lennox-Lamb in the Forefront
Highly competitive in KZ, CRG-Maxter karts were equally brilliant in KF. Hard development work has been fruitful, which is promising for the forthcoming chassis homologations, this winter. "The Genk track is a very technical one and I was particularly satisfied with my kart behaviour this weekend. The CRG team is incredible and always finds the best technical solutions to put us in a position to win", Tiene said. On track, CRG achieved a long series of good results at this third round of the World KF1 Championship: Jordon Lennox-Lamb - who had already conquered second place in Race 1 - and Felice Tiene climbed on to the second and third steps of the podium in Race 2, on Saturday. The following day, Tiene concluded again in the top 3, but due to some touches in the pack he lost a few places just when the finish line was in sight.


Press Release by: CRG Racing Team - 07/09/11

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