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CIK-FIA World Cup for KZ1, Genk (B), 4-9-2011

The last stages of a nail-biting KZ1 World Cup final kept all spectators present to this exceptionally successful event absolutely glued to their chair. The brilliant organization by Paul and Koen Lemmens and Boy Pijls, amazingly supported the Limburg region, was the perfect setting for such a thrilling final.

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Thonon’s electrifying overtaking manoeuvre on De Brabander right in front of the main stand where a huge crowd gathered was the climax of a superb final, the classic icing on the cake.
Thonon was very clever to anticipate De Brabander hesitant approach to the last turn where he could attack, and De Brabander’s defensive line was the only mistake of the race, and yet a fatal one. It’s the fear to win, the fear that grabs your concentration in the last lap, in the last turns.

Thonon’s superior mental strength was the key, he used all his experience pushing De Brabander to make that mistake. And he waited till the very last few corners to destabilize the concentration of his fellow countryman. A superb passing manoeuvre for a breathtaking final, what you actually expect from an event of this stature.
A real pity for De Brabander and his Formula K team, who would have certainly deserved the title after only two years of collaboration. Big credit to Thonon who continued to believe in the win until the very end. A last note of merit to Davide Forè, who lost the opportunity to move to the lead on lap 13. Who knows what the podium would have been had Forè made that move when he was clearly faster... And right at that moment, Thonon seemed to have realized that it was time for him to stop Forè’s momentum if he was to win his fourth World Cup title in five years.

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