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CIK-FIA World Championship, Genk (B), 4-9-2011

De Vries is the fastest of Sunday’s qualifying, which decided the starting grid for the two daily finals. But at the green lights the Dutch driver leaves the door open to Albon who takes full advantage of it to move into the lead. 

report Vroom / photo CIK

As a result, De Vries gets involved in a collision that sees him rejoining at the back of the field, for an uphill final 3. Albon instead puts up a dominating race, with Bailly, Tiene, Basz and Kanamaru following well behind. After 4 laps, De Vries is in 13th place as Tiene moves up to second. The positions up front seem wrapped, and the attention is all to De Vries who turns the turbo on flying past D’Agosto in acceleration on the back straight... With six laps to go, the Dutch is sixth but the gap to the front pack seems too wide to bridge. And yet, with two laps to go, French driver Roussel indirectly gives De Vries a hand by coming in on Tiene for second as a suicide bomber slowing down the group of four karts with De Vries making a jump on the bandwagon. One lap is enough to enable De Vries to grab the last step of the podium behind Albon and Bailly. Tiene drops down to 7th behind Roussel, Camponeschi and D’Agosto.
To note that in Saturday’s final 2, the collision between De Vries and Camponeschi was interpreted by the stewards as a mistake by De Vries, later disqualified. De Vries has appealed and the championship standings are pending.

Playing cat and mouse
The last final of the third round of the World KF1 Championship was the most beautiful, but only the first part thanks to the duel between De Vries and Albon. De Vries presses hard while also allowing Camponeschi and D’Agosto to return to the top of the race. The fight is riveting particularly between the Tony duo and De Vries, while Albon is struggling to keep up with the leading trio. De Vries surprises D’Agosto with a great pass, and moves on to charge on Camponeschi for the lead. After few more laps De Vries has the better of Camponeschi who tries to get back but the Dutch stretches away, while later Albon begins a tussle with the Italian that eventually earns him the second place for precious championship points. Camponeschi completes the podium after a positive weekend, as Hubert Roussel follow few seconds down, and Maranello’s Pakari leads on Tiene, respectively 6th and 7th.


P. Driver / Nat. / Equipment                R1 R2 R3    Tot.
1) DE VRIES (NL) Zanardi/Parilla              75  41  66*  182
2) ALBON (GB) Intrepid/TM                     28  70  61    159
3) CAMPONESCHI (I) Tony Kart/Vortex     31  46  52    129
4) D’AGOSTO (I) Tony Kart/Vortex            43  56  14    113
5) BASZ (PL) RK/BMB                              53  42  11    106

*If De Vries' appeal were to be unseccessful, 25 points will be taken away.


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