Belgian duel: Thonon sneaks in De Brabander

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CIK-FIA World Cup for KZ1, Genk (B), 4-9-2011

The dry track final starts with a bang right after the green lights. Lammers and De Brabander hunt Visser who after a few laps has to give in to the two faster drivers, preceding Forè and Thonon.

report Vroom / photos FM Press


Cesetti, a prefinal protagonist on rain tyres, drops several positions just ahead of Kozlinski. With Visser down the order after few laps, De Brabander is steady in the lead when half way through the race Forè overtakes both his teammate and Lammers for second position, with Thonon sneaking through the Dutchman for third. Forè starts closing in also on De Brabander, but he seems ready to attack the Belgian, Thonon moves past him letting De Brabander some breathing space. Few laps are left, and everyone is wondering whether Thonon will be able to attack his fellow countryman. But when everything seems set and De Brabander near to grab the World Cup title, the young Formula Kart driver takes an inside line on the last hairpin with three corners left. Thonon shadows him but moves on the outside to exit the corner faster and he moves past on the curb to grab his fourth World Cup title. Forè ends third only 3 tenths down De Brabander.


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